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Marcy 15.0220-Cao Cao's death

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March 15, 220 years (the first month 23) Boxer, Cao Cao's death.

Cao Cao's death
March 15, 220 AD (Hanxiandi Jian twenty-five years the first month Boxer, 1792 ago) Cao Cao's death "target =" _blank "> Cao Cao died in Luoyang.
; Cao Cao the word Meng, small print A hiding this of Anhui mm County parent Cao Song eunuch Cao Teng adopted son Cao Cao age of 20 to Lim Hyo famous the successive the Luoyang northern Wei, repression Yellow Turbans, participated in discussions Dong Zhuo coalition forces AD 192, closing down the Qingzhou Yellow Turban army of more than 100 people, the selection of elite composed of Qingzhou Army, Cao Cao started strong in the military. 196 Ying Han Xiandi to Xu (now Xuchang), made "Emperor to the princes "of political advantage, flatten Riboud, Tao Qian and other separatist forces. 200 AD Battle of Guandu, Yuan Shao elimination of the main, laid the basis of the heartland. 207 AD, except Guanzhong and Liaodong North reestablishing the unity. system the following year, soldiers south, (1 $ djτ.cōm) Sun Quan and Liu Bei coalition forces defeated in the Battle of Chibi, so he led his army north, committed to social stability, economic recovery, consolidation and development of the cause of reunification in the Central Plains, he alive, called the king's death, Cao Pi-generation Han chase posthumous Weiwu Cao Cao actually has been destroyed during the lifetime of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the country is in chaos Cao Cao by wide set Mita, irrigation, and reduce the burden on the people, rectify internal affairs, CD is the only example, inhibition of the despotic and other measures to bring order out of chaos to rebuild a centralized government, and to restore the unity of the North, and lay the foundation for the subsequent nationwide unified his biggest contribution a politician the Three Kingdoms period, while it was the most outstanding strategist and a first-class writer, he not only do good poetry, and ideologically can accommodate different to say, to play in the cultural ethos of the shift.

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