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February 17.0624-Wu Zetian was born only female emperor in Chinese history

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February 17, 624 (Jiashen first month 23), the only female emperor in Chinese history, Wu Zetian was born. the generation of

Wu Zetian was born only female emperor in Chinese history
Wu Zetian was born only female emperor in Chinese history
Empress Wu Zetian reigned sixteen years
Wu Zetian (624 Lunar February 17 -705 years 16 days), the Han. Only female emperor in Chinese history (Tang Emperor era, civil uprising, there have been a female emperor Chen Shuo really), but also following the oldest emperor (67-year-old throne), is one of the longest life expectancy of the emperor (age of 82). Tang Emperor Queen (655-683), the Tang Zhongzong, and Don Ruizong when the Empress Dowager (683-690), after independence Wuzhou Huang Emperor (690-705), changing the country, "Don" for "weeks" capital Luoyang, and the number for God are. Known as the "Wu Zhou, abdicated in 705 years. Empress Wu is also a poetess and politician. (Today in History TodayOnHistory.com)
Vu Thi for Tang Kaiguo hero warriors? Т smell?? Cover seeds thorium Greek? Pen River Gorges Man-Jie? Sedan mountain elf is?? Ye thumb ɡ? The Ogino skirt?? Resistance? sunset slough groom Ye forced rime long? Asahara converge? 4-year-old into the harem of the only people (the Five), Taizong Ciming the fawn, known as "Wu Mei Niang. (L $ djτ.cōm)
Taizong's death, the Temple of Wu Zetian into a sense of industry for Nepal. Tang Emperor throne complex called up to the Palace of canonizing Zhao Yi, the number into Chen Fei, King of Queens, Consort Xiao repeatedly mixing in the harem, age 26 years old. Wu Zetian good in
seek calculating, ruthless, and chief involved in literature and history, full of talent. 27-year-old before the birth of the eldest daughter, "Mirror," it reads: Empress Wu's eldest daughter born before January on the occasion, King of Queens to see her daughter after she left her daughter to bid farewell to (L $ djτ.cōm) words in the book "sent to Japan. Gojong was furious, so the king of Queen's dismissed as common people. Gojong established
Yeonghwiwon six years (655 years) Vu Thi Queen's Lantern first year (674 years), and King Gojong and said "holy". Gojong died in the Hiromichi the first year (683 years) in the cases of Li Xian ascended the throne, Vu Thi Queen Mother, Powerbut the said system later renamed? Live? Lsjt.net,
heir holy the first year (684 years), waste cases for Luling Wang, vertical Ruizong Lee once, continue Powerbut the said system. The Upload the beginning of the first year (lsjt.net)
, waste Ruizong, claiming to be the Holy Spirit, the emperor, changed the country for weeks, given Luoyang God, known to history as "Wu Zhou, on the appellation" St. God Emperor. " Wu Zetian included by the Chinese Association of World Records as the only female emperor in Chinese history.
when North Korea during Exiled veteran appointment cruel officials. Early elder statesmen such as Sun loudly Chu Sui-liang, in Zhining,, PEI Yan et al. Few Exiled, most were ZhuSha. Held successful candidates, Chong Wu held a bootstrap test official system taken economic thin endowed convergence, interest-arms, the provincial labor service and other propositions and therefore render the achievements brilliant half-century of its ruling, the socio-economic, national prestige boosted.
Shenlong the first year (705 years) the first month, Cambodia's Huan-yin Fan, Hyun Choi, King Hui joint right Habayashi General Lee Jo coup, forcing the the Empress Wu abdication, Ying were reset. His death in November of the same year, posthumous Story day emperor. the
Vu Thi otherwise repealed appellation "Spirit Emperor, Emperor Kingland Holy Spirit, Cheshire more ancient the Kingland Holy Spirit emperor Tiance Kingland Holy Spirit emperor, days Yasheng Queen". Generations usually said Vu Thi "Empress Wu.
AD 705, the prime minister Zhang Cambodia by Wu Zetian old was dying, backers were reset, respect Vu Thi as "Queen Mother". The same year the winter, Vu Thi died, at the age of 82 years, Testament to the Emperor, and that the days of the Great Sage Queen. (History today www.lssdjt.com) "Li Bai, the Empress Wu listed as one of the Tang Dynasty" seven holy ". After the death of Empress Wu, Li "no monument. Since the Qin and Han dynasties, the emperors are all hope that after the death of a monument, the only female emperor in Chinese history the stele was no engraved a word. Say there are several: first allegation that Empress Wu Li "monument" is used to boast of his successful high German cardinal text can express; second allegation that Empress Wu established "no word The monument, "because the significant insight sins, feel or do not write the inscription for good; third allegation that Empress Wu is a self-knowledge, legislation monument" is a smart move, the merits and demerits of let people to comment, this is the best way; There is a saying, Wu Zetian's son hated his own mother, her present written inscriptions, he was her son being hidden in the tomb, leaving an absent monument . Lifetime other authoritative doctrine of
Wu Zetian: Empress Wu Zetian in the Tang Taizong Zhenguan years (AD 628, the Chinese Lunar New Year) November 23 (large weekly calendar the first month on the 23rd) was born in Sichuan Guangyuan (Lee State).

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