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February 26.1973-Paris conference on Vietnam

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February 26, 1973 (24) Guichou the first month, the Paris meeting on the issue of Vietnam. In February 26-March 2 1973 International Conference held in Paris, France on the issue of Vietnam.

: in the United States, the Soviet Union, France, Hungary, Indonesia, wave, Britain, Canada, Vietnam and the Democratic Republic of the countries participating in the meeting. Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam's Republic and the Saigon regime. UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim, also attended the meeting.
meeting signed the book of resolutions of the International Conference on Vietnam. Resolution confirming, in favor of the support and respect of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in January 1973, the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam's Republic, the United States and the Saigon regime representatives signed the agreement to end the war in Vietnam, and the restoration of peace in Paris, and about Protocol 4, "solemnly recognize and thoroughly and so the weight of the Vietnamese people's fundamental national rights, namely Vietnam's independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity and the right to self-determination of the people of South Vietnam. "

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