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February 16.1909-Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company re-emergence

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February 16, 1909 (, Jiyou In the first month 26), the Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company re-emergence.

1909 16, the second collapse in 1908 due to combat BAT Guangdong Nanyang Tobacco Company official business. Jane according to the South, brother of Jane Yu-chieh, the company changed its name to Guangdong Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company re-emergence "target =" _blank "> Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company, to show solidarity.
Jane's brother in 1905 business dismally, getting marketable, "crane" brand cigarette business Jih Sun. But soon incurred the BAT hostility, was the latter sued its plagiarism packaging, forcibly burned the huge value Nanyang products. But did not absolutely off the idea of ​​Jane's brothers do Tobacco Factory, privately has been actively planning to continue the plant opened. Please Chien Ming Shi after funding to buy all the machines and other equipment in Guangdong Nanyang re-listed on February 16, after adjustments, total capital of 13 million yuan, an unlimited company in Hong Kong.

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