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Marcy 9.1945-Bombing of Tokyo, Japan

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(Yiyou first month 25), March 9, 1945, Tokyo, Japan, a large bombing.

Bombing of Tokyo, Japan
Bombing of Tokyo, Japan
Bombing of Tokyo, Japan
Bombing of Tokyo, Japan
August 1945, November 1, 1944, (on TodayOnHistory.com) U.S. Air Force on 98 Japanese cities of strategic bombing, B-29 bombers dispatched a total of 33,000 sorties, bombing 16 tons, killing 23 people and wounding 35 people, 24% of Japan's housing was reduced to rubble, the 1600 aircraft were destroyed, 1,650 ships were sunk wounded. Tokyo by conventional bomb is the most serious damage to the city, but also the world's conventional bombing death largest city. Only three 1945 bombing killed 14 people, burned more than 50% of the city's housing, the l00 million people homeless. Saturday night March
1945, the 334 B-29 Tokyo from Guam headed straight, the implementation took turns sweeping bombing, dropped more than 2,000 tons of incendiary bombs, 41 square kilometers of the city center was razed, 267,000 buildings burned, killed and burned a total of 83,793 people (the actual death toll is likely to exceed 90,000), over Tokyo earthquake of September 1, 1923 the number of deaths (7.3 million); another 10 people severely injured, 100 million people homeless. In Saturday night, more than 300 aircraft B-29 bombers come again in Tokyo, carrying six tons of incendiary bombs per aircraft at low altitude along the Sumida River, East Tokyo flight, turns bombarding two-and-a-half hours, throw bomb in residents dense area, all 56 square kilometers on the ground is completely burned to the ground. 250 kilometers away, the Pacific, the aircraft can still see the towering flames. There are several parties put out the fire spread to four days. Tens of thousands of victims are depleted of oxygen because the combustion choked to death, especially in low-lying areas are the most tragic fire, hypoxia eager to jump into the river to survive, the results the same Sumida River drift full as charcoal, black corpses. People are eager taken refuge in a sturdy the Meiji seat theater, hospital suffocated bodies are overlapped with two meters high. Japanese mainland was the Air Force and Air Defense Force has been destroyed, the U.S. aircraft, such as unhindered; coupled with government medical personnel to stay in Beijing except for the nine doctors, 11 nurses, and complete loss of the ambulance. the
5, 26, 500 B 29 again "mop-up" to the northern and western neighborhoods dropped 4000 tons of incendiary bombs. Fuel caused by fire from heaven, and high-rise buildings floating in a sea of ​​flames. From Tokyo became a "dead city" no longer much good house and a healthy person can be fried, have lost the value of bombing. Major General

Li Mei
flew over Japan, B-29 bombers the group
Comments: The extremely daring operations known as & ldquo ; the Li Mei gambling. "

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