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Marcy 9.1850-Qing Dynasty Xianfeng Emperor throne

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(Gengxu first month 26), March 9, 1850, the Qing Dynasty Emperor Xianfeng ascended the throne.

clear Wenzong Xianfeng Emperor Aixinjueluo Woodland? (1831-1861), the seventh emperor of the Qing Dynasty Entering, Emperor Daoguang fourth son. Throne in the first month dynasty three decades (1850), (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) to the following year the Emperor Xianfeng throne "target =" _blank "> Xianfeng reign, when he was 20 years old. Reigned for 11 years during the reign of coincided with the Qing Dynasty in troubled times, the national treasury, perilous throne less than a year, the Taiping uprising in Jintian, and in about three years, endangering Beijing, Emperor Xianfeng repeatedly sent troops to the suppression of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom and around the peasant uprising and the war is not interest rates, the Anglo-French Joint invading army quickly captured Tianjin, Beijing, Woodland? fled from the Yuanmingyuan Imperial Summer Villa only life Yi Xin stay to make peace with the British and French. the invasion forces actually savagely Fenlue Yuanming, such as Park last resort Woodland? with countries such as Britain and France signed a number of cases of unequal treaties. Woodland? vertical restructuring Jiangshan Heart, no longer Huitianzhili the.
Woodland? throne, facing internal and external governance crisis, the outbreak of the Taiping Rebellion in the Guangxi, shortly to enter Hunan, Hubei, March Xianfeng three years (1853) captured Nanjing, capital, and Qing government to rival the Western powers in the name of "rounding", ready to launch a new war of aggression against China. Tsarist Russia in Northeast China Xingshi rather than resorting to force and occupy large swathes of territory in the north of China's Heilongjiang the (l $ jτ.cń)
in order to save the governance crisis, Emperor Xianfeng quite thinking Chubi seeking treatment. He Ren Yin to evil, an attempt to revive Gangji reuse Han bureaucracy Zeng Guofan Han landlords rely on the training command armed suppression of the Taiping and Nian Army uprisings the promoted dare Managing Partner of Sushun, support Sushun abolish the outmoded politics the same time, his strike denounced dynasty towards any military minister for more than twenty years, greedy bit Bowens harm nephropathy country Muzhang A, executions in the First Opium War, presided and the Bureau, the infamous capitulators officials seniors.
Xianfeng (1856), Britain and France to China to start a second Opium War, captured Guangzhou Xianfeng years (1858), the British and French fleet captured the Taku forts into forced Tianjin to Tianjin. the Xianfeng send Guiliang, flowers Sana'a conferences with Britain, the United States, France, and Russia, respectively, signed the Sino-British Treaty of Tianjin, "China-US Treaty of Tianjin (the L $ djτ.cōm)" Sino-French Treaty of Tianjin "and" Sino-Russian Treaty of Tianjin. foreign powers does not meet the provisions of the Treaty of Tianjin rights, deliberately provoking war again. Xianfeng Diming Qing strengthen the the Dagu defense. Xianfeng nine years (1859), the Anglo-French invasion forces were defeated in the British deliberately provoked the Dagu conflict in Xianfeng years (1860), Britain and France again composed aggression against coalition forces, invasion of British and French troops attack Beitang, Emperor Xianfeng, went so far as to make the the Qing army commander retreat away from the camp when the Qing forces with the British and French troops fighting, Taku again fall to the British and French troops captured in Tianjin, he went to Beijing to invade. Xianfeng Emperor dispatched Prince Yi Zaiyuan, Bingbushangshu Mu Yam imperial envoys, conferences go Tongzhou Britain, France. British and French troops to the peace talks as a cover, to continue to organize the attack on Beijing, Tongzhou Baliqiao defeated the Qing army, to attack Beijing, Yuanmingyuan Qingyi Park, etc. Fenlue. Xianfeng since Yuanmingyuan panic to flee the Jehol (now Chengde City), order the Prince Gong Yi Xin stay in Beijing conferences. Yixin on behalf of the Qing government and Britain, France, Russia signed the Sino-British Beijing Treaty "," Sino-French Treaty of Beijing "," Sino-Russian Treaty of Beijing, and approved in Britain, China and France "Treaty of Tianjin." Sino-Russian Treaty of Beijing, acknowledged Xianfeng 2008 (1858) Tsarist Russia forcing Qing Heilongjiang General Yishan signed Aihui Treaty ". (L $ djτ.ЙЁT)
Xianfeng eleven years (1861) in July, Xianfeng Emperor died at the Rehe. pawn posthumous Association Tian Yi Yun executive in vertical mo Mou Daid vibration Wusheng Xiao Yuan Christine end Zhuang Jian, Yan Kuan-min, significantly emperor. the Temple name Munjong. buried the Zhili ZUNHUA Eastern Qing Tombs Dingling. (history today TodayOnHistory.com)

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