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February 28.1916-American "novel dean" James's death

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February 28, 1916 (26) hare on the first month, the American "novel dean" James's death.

American "novel dean" James's death
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Henry James, born in New York on April 15, 1843, he grew up in a wealthy educated families, like the time when many literacy person envy ancient European civilization since childhood exchanges between Europe and America, settled in London in 1875. due to the United States in 1915, a moment never to participate in world wars, (L $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m) anger and joined the British nationality. February 1916 passed away in London on the 28th.
James childhood learning under the guidance of tutor studying at Harvard Law School from 1862 to 1864, acquaintance with famous realist novelist Wei Di Howells. 1864 began writing literary criticism and short stories in Paris from 1875 to 1876 to get to know the famous writer Turgenev, Maupassant, Flaubert, Daudet and Zola, and British writer Lou Road Stevenson etc. due to a disability, he failed to serving in the Civil War, when the long diligent writing, writings voluminous. honorary degrees from Harvard University in 1911, the title of Honorary Doctor of the University of Oxford in 1912 the British Government in 1916 awarded him the highest civilian Medal major works of the.
James novel, in addition also wrote many literary reviews, travel, biography and screenplay in 1905, he had three years carefully revised his "Complete Works" (New York edition), a total of 26 Volume (1907-1917), with 18 important preface discusses in detail the main theme of the writings and creative methods as well as some important theoretical issues multi-volume Portfolio (lssdjt.cn) early edition of London "Tales of Henry James," 14 volumes (1915-1919) and the London Mike Mirren's version of "The Complete Works of 35" (1921-1923). His novels often write between the Americans and Europeans exchanges; adult how the evil influence and destroy the pure, intelligent children; contradiction between the material and the spiritual; lonely artist, writer and artist living: This indicates that interest in writers of personal moral quality. deep cultural upbringing cherished humanist tendencies, rather than humanitarian sympathy for the underprivileged people familiar
of important novel "American" (1876-1877), "intellectuals lady Portrait "(1881)," Boston "(1885-1886)," Kasama Cima Princess "(1885-1886)," Boeing Dun collectibles "(1896)," Massey know "(1897 ), "immature youth" (1899), "Quan" (1901) and the late three works "Wings of the Dove" (1902), "Ambassadors" (1903) and "The Golden Bowl" (1904) [history today. cn]

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