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Marcy 8.1641-The death of China's Ming Dynasty geographer Xu

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March 8, 1641 (27) Government House the first month, the death of China's Ming Dynasty geographer Xu. the the

The death of China's Ming Dynasty geographer Xu
geographer, (lssdjt.cn) great traveler Xu Death Ming Dynasty geographer, traveler Xu died "target =" _blank "> Xu, the name Philip progenitor, the word vibration of Jiangsu Jiangyin County. born In Wanli 14 to November 2 (January 5, 1587), 7, died in Sung Jeong on 27 of the first month (March 8, 1641). fourteen years of his childhood studious, Expo Figure by topographers, he saw the late Ming political darkness, unwilling earners, concentrate in travel.
Xu from the 21-year-old traveled to the mountains of the motherland mountains toured in 30 years more than half of the northeast, northwest China, fieldwork written Zhejiang Tour Diary "," Chu Tour Diary, the "Guangdong Journey Diary," Bin Tour Diary "and so
descendants to travel diary to compile an" Xu Travels ", first published in 1776, became a system of the world's first documented karst landform masterpiece. (1 $ djτ.cōm)

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