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Marcy 16.1787-German physicist Ohm birth

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The first month 27 (DingWei years), March 16, 1787, the German physicist Ohm was born. the

German physicist Ohm birth
George Simon Ohm (1787 to 1854), the German physicist. Born in March 1787 in Erlangen, Germany. The main contribution of
ohm physics discovered Ohm's law. 1827 published his most famous book, "Galvani circuit mathematical arguments listed in the formula, it clear that the galvanic current in the circuit size and is proportional to the total voltage, and inversely proportional to the total resistance of the circuit, where S is the conductor of the current intensity (I), A for the conductor ends of the voltage (U), L is a conductor resistance (R), a visible, which is part of today's electrical Ohm's Law equation.
addition, the ohmic also found that the relationship between the length and cross section of the resistive wire.
1833 he was hired as a physics professor at the Polytechnic School of Nuremberg. 1841 awarded him the Medal of the Royal Society of London. In 1849 he became a professor of physics at the University of Munich. In his later years, he also wrote the optical textbooks. July 6, 1854 in Germany, the ohmic Manna Xi's death.

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