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Marcy 17.1939-Battle of Nanchang Chinese army casualties

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First month 27 (JiMao years), March 17, 1939, Battle of Nanchang Chinese army suffered heavy casualties. the Japanese after the fall of

Battle of Nanchang Chinese army casualties
Nanchang Massacre of Chinese compatriots
1939, March 8, 2011, the Military Commission of the National Government deploying Battle of Nanchang, the ninth theater to the Japanese attack. Troop redeployment, the supply difficulties, the battle plan by offensive instead of the defensive. March 17, the Japanese direct attack Nanchang, the Japanese aircraft consecutive bombing defenders fighting power dropped. The massive offensive Nanchang up to 10 days as long as the Japanese, and eventually lost to the Japanese defenders struggling to resist, March 27 Nanchang fall. Chinese army casualties reached more than 10 million people in countless people.

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