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Marcy 14.1988-Vietnam the armed ships invasive Spratly Islands waters

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(Boshin first month 27), March 14, 1988, the Vietnamese armed ships penetrated the Nansha Islands sea area. on March 13, 1988

Chinese navy ships to the Spratly Islands the nine chapters reefs waters of some reefs visits, and organize personnel boarded the Red Reef establish an observation point.
14 at 6 am, two of the Vietnamese navy transport ship and a landing ship came to the the red melon reef waters, sent 43 armed men forcibly boarded the Red Reef. More the Nam Theun reef personnel despite the Chinese navy off the propaganda of the reefs, the first Chinese naval officers investigated the reef shot. [Lssdjt.cn]
At the same time, the Vietnamese warships together on the reef and Chinese naval vessels moored in the sea near the shooting and fire. China the navy forced to self-defense. Sunk Vietnamese troops transport ship a transport boats and landing craft, the other one was shot and severely wounded, taken by the Chinese navy restraint and no further pursuit.
this self-defense war against the attempts of the Vietnamese occupation of the Spratly Islands.
day of the Chinese Foreign Ministry strongly protest against the Vietnamese armed ships invade China Nansha Islands sea attacks on Chinese vessels. China's Foreign Ministry sent a note of protest to the Vietnamese Embassy in China. This note to point out, "March 14, 1988, flagrantly to being Spratly Islands Red Reef waters illegally intruded into China's Nansha Islands sea area of ​​Vietnam armed ships the normal study jobs and patrol vessels to launch armed attacks, Chinese vessels forced to self-defense. The "
note to point out," The Vietnamese authorities ignored the many solemn statement of the Chinese government, to continue to send troops to invade and occupy some islands and reefs of China's Nansha Islands, now Vietnam ship First of military provocation to the Chinese vessels and deliberate in this waters manufacture tensions. The Chinese government expresses its utmost indignation and strong protest. "
A note to solemnly pointed out," The Vietnamese authorities must immediately stop armed provocations in the Nansha Islands sea area of ​​China, from the withdrawal of the occupation of the Chinese reefs and their adjacent waters, otherwise, it must be caused by all The consequences bear full responsibility. "

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