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February 22.1857-The German physicists Hertz's Birthday

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(In first month Nianba Dimba years), February 22, 1857, the German physicist Hertz's birthday. Heinrich Rudolf Hertz,

The German physicists Hertz's Birthday
"target =" _blank "> Hertz, born February 22, 1857 of the birth of the German physicist, and the first to broadcast and receive in the experiment, the radio waves in 1880 with honors in the Helmholtz guidance doctorate in philosophy from the University of Berlin in 1883, JC Maxwell's electromagnetic theory 1885-1889, he served as professor of physics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Industrial The chamber produces radio waves, measuring the wavelength and the speed he pointed out that the characteristics of the vibration of the radio wave and its reflection and refraction of light waves and heat waves result, he unquestionably sure: heat and light are electromagnetic radiation. 1889, he was appointed professor of physics at the University of Bonn, and continue to study the rare gas discharge in the school (history cn)
died in 1894.

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