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Marcy 16.1950-Mathematician Hua returned

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March 16, 1950 (in first month Nianba GY), mathematician Hua home.

Mathematician Hua returned
Hua as March 16, 1950, the famous mathematician Hua returned to Beijing from the United States. Hua of recruits of the University of Illinois in 1946 to the lectures. The newborn motherland Hua gone through ups and downs vicissitudes intellectuals infinite hope. To Hong Kong, he wrote an open letter to the divisions of the Chinese students. She sent a letter thousand words were sincere mobilization of patriotic intellectuals abandon superior foreign material life, into the embrace of the motherland can do something. Is his sincere calling to say: "My friends, the Liangyuan good, non-lived Township. Homeward Bound! To choice the truth, we should go back, for the nation, we should go back, in order to serve the people, we should go back to the personal way out, should also be back as soon as possible, to establish the basis of our work, the construction and development of our great country the struggle! "
Hua comrades in November 1910, was born in Jintan County, Jiangsu Province, one of the urban poor families. In 1924 he graduated from the Jintan County junior high school, into Shanghai China vocational school to learn to leave after one year, due to family poverty, school apprentice father ran a small grocery store. During this period, he self-study mathematics in his spare time. In 1929, he learned the golden altar any janitorial accounting, start at the Shanghai Science magazine published. His essay, "five of algebra equation Su Jiaju solution untenable grounds" by Professor Tsinghua University Department of Mathematics master Ren Xiongqing to attention. Professor Xiong recommended him to Tsinghua University in 1931. He used only eight, and then to the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom to study Postgraduate administrator, assistant, lecturer. Appointed in 1938 Professor Ren Kunming, Southwest General Assembly. Under extremely harsh living conditions, his day teaching, vegetable oil lamp at night tirelessly engaged in the research, wrote the famous "Additive Theory of Primes. But under the rule of the Kuomintang, the classics can not be published, and had to be sent abroad published until after the liberation of the Chinese version of the official release. In the fall of 1946, forced the White Terror, he left the United States, she served as a researcher at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, a tenured professor of the University of Illinois. In 1950, Comrade Hua response motherland summoned, decided to return to Beijing from the United States, she served as a professor at Tsinghua University, director of the Institute of Mathematics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, chairman of the China Mathematical Society, Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences academician, Faculty, deputy director of China Head of the Department of Mathematics, University of Science and Technology, the Vice-Chancellor, director of the Institute of Applied Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China preferred method Overall Planning and Economic Mathematics Research president post. His own life energy into the development of the motherland, the scientific enterprise, especially the mathematical research career.

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