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February 25.1778-South American independence leader Jose de San Martin's birthday

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February 25, 1778 (the Reform Movement, first month's Eve), the birth of South American independence leader Jose de Saint Martin. Birth of José de Saint Martin,

South American independence leader Jose de San Martin's birthday
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1778 is the birthday of José de Saint Martin, Argentina national hero, the leaders of the war of independence of southern South America. St. Martin was born in Argentina, Eastern Division even Corrientes Province, one of the officers of the family when he was eight years old with his father to go to Spain in 1808 to participate in the liberation war of the Spanish people against Napoleon. In his return
1912 to Argentina, took part in the anti-colonial rule in Argentina and the struggle for national independence.
1814 a 5500 people attended the Andean Regiment, in the Andes in the Mendoza region in with the struggle of the people of other regions of Argentina, and finally the Spanish invaders out of Argentina, July 9, 2011 In 1816, Argentina declared its independence, he was appointed as Argentina's Liberation Army Commander-in-Chief, but St. Martin knew only South Americas liberation, will guarantee the independence of Argentina, who intends to liberate South America, you must first destroyed the Spanish American colonies hub - Peru Government House, he began preparations for an expedition plans.
1817 mid-expedition is scheduled to begin, he led his army to climb over the Andes, and the snow and cold wrestled whole two weeks, finally completed the military in the history of the most thrilling and glorious Changzheng one ".
1818 he get rid of the Spanish troops in the Chilean territory the
1819, Chile declared its independence.
in 1820 he began to enter Peru, to seize Lima on July 12, Peru declared its independence in a meeting of leaders of meeting, he was acclaimed as the new head of state in Peru crown with the title of "Protector", in 1822, he was with another South American independence leader of the South American countries to establish what kind of political system after independence The differences of opinion on the issue and retire
1822 9 22, he resigned in the first session of the National Assembly of the Peru "Protector of the duties, by way of Chile and back to Argentina soon after went to Europe, sojourn in France, until his death.

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