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Marcy 16.1988-"The Last Emperor" were nine awards in the 60th Annual Academy Awards

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(Boshin first month's Eve), March 16, 1988, "The Last Emperor" at the 60th Annual Academy Awards were nine awards.

"The Last Emperor" were nine awards in the 60th Annual Academy Awards
"The Last Emperor" stills, John Lone role Puyi, Joan Chen play Shirley In March 1988, Italy Janko film company, British Road Austrian film company, China Film Co-Production 1987, co-produced the film "The Last Emperor" was nine awards in the 60th Annual Academy Awards. the
screenwriter: the Mark - Bei Piluo, Bernardo - Bertolucci, Weng Gary - Enzo; Director: Bernardo - Bertolucci; Starring: John Lone, Joan Chen, Peter - O'Toole Ying Ruocheng, Vivian Wu, Sakamoto Ryuichi. The film of
was the 60th Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Composer, Best art home landscape, Best Costume Design, Best Film Editing, 9 Best Sound Award; French film Caesar Award for Best Foreign Language Film Award.
1908 a winter night, the Qing, captain of the guard knocked on the door of the Prince House, he will press the Empress Dowager Cixi, the only 3-year-old Pu Yi access into the palace to the throne take place. The fate of the Qing dynasty delivered to the things children do not understand.
soon, the outbreak of the Revolution, Puyi was deposed, became emperor in the Forbidden City ". In 1919, British teachers Johnston employed teacher palace served as Pu Yi, he began to accept the influence of Western culture. He learned to ride a bike, cut the braids, wear glasses, put on a suit and learned to dance and play tennis. Nevertheless, in 1922, he married the old system Shirley "Queen" embroidered "Princess" still in the Zijin town living emperors life.
1924 10 immediate general Feng Yuxiang launched the Beijing coup, imprisoned President Cao Kun bribery, the expulsion of Puyi to the Forbidden City. Puyi Johnston's accompanied with Shirley and Wenxiu Tianjin had played in exile life. Wenxiu Puyi no feelings, coupled with Shirley and she decided to run away from home, with Pu Yi out of the relationship. Japan in order to achieve their own political purposes, continue to step up control of Pu Yi, send spies watching his every move. Johnston had to leave in 1931, Pu Yi. In 1934, Japan misappropriation of China Three Eastern Provinces, they require Puyi served as so-called "Manchukuo" emperor. Bent on the restoration of the emperor Puyi not Guwan Rong Chen Baochen et al discourage Japanese go Changchun Yuan emperor dream. However, he is only a puppet emperor, not only do not have any power, but also by the the Japanese spies sweet meal and Yoshioka's guardianship. Shirley spiritual emptiness, boredom, infected with a drug addiction, and Shiwei Guan affair. Near two of the affair was brought to light, Shiwei Guan killed illegitimate child was also killed. Shirley thus insane half crazy Banfeng, the Japanese shut up. (L $ jτ.cń) In August 1945, Japan's unconditional surrender, "Manchukuo" disintegration Puyi attempted to flee capture by Soviet troops at the airport and taken to the Soviet Union. After returning home, Puyi War Criminal Administrative detention of 10 years, his side to look back on their own history, confessed the crimes, on one side of the labor reform. In 1959, a group of war criminals by the amnesty, Pu Yi, was among them. After the release of Pu Yi in Beijing Botanical Garden, serving him from an even clothes are not worn by the emperor, transformed into a self life and engaged in some light work of civilians. In 1966, the "Cultural Revolution" that swept the country. One day, riding a bike home of Pu Yi met a team of Red Guards marched through the streets of the "spirit," he suddenly found in the queue in the crowd wear a dunce cap, neck hung the sign, actually when war criminals the director of the management. (Lssdjt.com)
he quickly stepped forward to explain to the Red Guards, said that the director is a good man, but totally ignored by the Red Guards. He traveled alone to the Palace Museum here has no visitors deserted. He boarded the Hall of Supreme Harmony alone, took out his the Grasshopper cage when the throne from Chen Baochen there to fetch from the emperor's throne. Sunset illuminated a Grasshopper from cage to climb out ...
a few years later a summer, a number of foreign tourists come to visit the National Palace Museum, in Taihe Dianqian, the tour guides loud introduced : "Aisingiorro - Pu Yi, the last emperor of China in this Lideng Ji when he was 3 years old. In 1967, he passed away in Beijing ......
[appreciation] Comment on the 60th Annual Academy Awards ceremony, "The Last Emperor" winning nine awards, a sensation in the world cinema. This theme of Chinese historical figures multinational cooperation movie, reflects the achievements of the art of film screenwriter, director, photography, editing, music, art and other aspects. The film offers a unique perspective and structural arrangements for the smooth performance of the modern history of China to the legendary and historical significance of the event. (Lsjt.org)
movie success should be attributed to a large extent, Italian director Bell Tolu Sarkozy. Bell Tolu Sarkozy's filmmaking style is quite unique: only write Film Literature Script without a shooting script, the interface between the lens alone feeling. This seemingly improvise creative approach, in fact, get rid of the shackles of a shooting script, the director freely and fully appreciate the scene and atmosphere, making the movie more artistically expressive. Such a keen sense coupled with his skill in music, his own unique insights generated movie music style and aesthetic taste. (Lssdjt.com)
Under his guidance, the Chinese composer Su Cong complete music, shooting actors with music performances, once completed. This shooting style music and screen with great accuracy the whole film, aspire to produce good results. This is an important factor in film Oscar for Best Composer and Best Sound. In more than half a century Oscar glory annals also have a first name of Chinese artists - Su Cong. "Apocalypse Now" and "Red rebels
once twice Oscar Photography Prize famous Italian photographer Stowe La, film to excellent photographic techniques, beautiful color screen performance momentum majestic grand scene contrast theme atmosphere, the third consecutive year, the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. the
famous movie stars John Lone and Joan Chen in the film were played Puyi and Empress Wan Rong. Puyi the role of changes in age, psychological span very large, Wanrong is also from generation respect to the final mental disorders, the performances of these two roles is very difficult, however, John Lone and Joan Chen profound to their role understanding and superb acting completion of the shaping of the character. British actor O'Toole, who plays a strong cast, as well as teachers Johnston, Puyi, China's famous drama play war criminals management director and actor Ying Ruocheng, they also made for the success of the film contribution.

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