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Marcy 5.1886-Dong Biwu's birthday

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March 5, 1886 (30 BingXu the first month), wu birthday.

Dong Biwu's birthday
Dong Biwu's birthday
Dong Biwu
Dong Biwu March 5, 1886, formerly known as Dong Xian Cong, also known as the Board with Viagra, word Jie yu, No. wall Ng. Hubei Huang (now Hong'an). 1903 to obtain a scholar. Admitted to the Hubei "ordinary" school in 1905, graduated in 1910 and received the bagong academic awards granted by the Faculty of the Qing Dynasty. After Huangzhou teach members. Participated in the Revolution in 1911, the same year he joined the Chinese Alliance. Admitted to Tokyo, Japan private Japanese universities to study law in 1914, joined the Chinese Revolutionary Party created by Sun Yat-sen in Japan. Back in June 1915 engaged Yuan is twice arrested and jailed. After his release in 1916, went to Japan again. Back in 1918, participated in the movement to protect. Wuhan middle school in Shanghai to participate in the May Fourth Movement in 1919 after the founder, professor of Chinese. In Wuhan, in the fall of 1920 to establish a communist group. July 1921 to attend the National People's Congress for the first time in the Communist Party of China, Wuhan team representative. Followed by the establishment and development of the party organizations in Hubei Province, and any of the Chinese Communist Party the Wuhan district committee members, Hubei pro-democracy movement, Minister of Hubei Provincial Committee. First KMT-CPC cooperation leadership to build the Kuomintang in Hubei Province party, and served as director of the Working Committee of the Kuomintang, Hubei Province, the KMT Central Committee alternate. 1928 went to Moscow Sun Yat-sen University, Lenin Academy. Back in 1932, the Central Revolutionary Base in Jiangxi, served as president of the CPC Central Party School, secretary of the Central Party Affairs Committee, the Central Executive Committee of the democratic government of workers and peasants, the President of the Supreme Court, the workers and peasants procuratorial committee deputy director. October 1934 to participate in the Long March. Northern Shaanxi, any of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, Acting Chairman of the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region Government. After the victory of Anti-Japanese War and the War of Resistance Against Japan, (L $ djτ.cōm) is one of the negotiations on behalf of the Communist Party of China with the Kuomintang. Behalf of the liberated areas to participate in the Constituent Assembly of the United Nations in San Francisco in 1945. The former the Southern Bureau deputy secretary, secretary of the Work Committee of the CPC Chongqing, Minister of Finance of the CPC Central Committee, secretary of the North China Bureau, Chairman of the North China People's Government of the CPC Central Committee.
after the founding of the PRC, served as director of the Central Financial and Economic Committee, the State Council Deputy Prime Minister, the Government Administration Council and director of the Commission of Politics and Law, the president of the Supreme People's Court, the vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the secretary of the Commission of the CPC Central Committee, vice chairman of the People's Republic of China, the Deputy President . Fourth Standing Committee of the National People's Congress in January 1975, he was appointed vice chairman. Sixth CPC Central Committee, seven, eight, ninth member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the Tenth Politburo Standing Committee.
published Dong Biwu Anthology "of Dong Biwu political legal corpus", "Dong Biwu Poetry," Dong Biwu Chronicle ". April 2, 1975 in Beijing, died at 90 years old.
Comrade Dong Biwu

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