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Marcy 16.1961-Chengengtaijiang's death

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March 16, 1961 (30 1901 the first month), Chengengdaqiang death. the

Chengengtaijiang's death
Chengengtaijiang's death
Chengengdajiang died "target =" _blank "> and Chen Geng like
Chen Geng was born on February 27th, 1903 in Hunan Hsianghsiang County. joined the Chinese Communist Party in 1922. From then on, he put all of our energy own contribution to the liberation cause of the Chinese people. Chen Geng childhood longing for military life after learning of the Whampoa Military Academy, to further improve the quality of his military in the revolutionary war, he has always move forward, without taking into account the personal safety He participated the the Revolution period Dongzheng and the Northern Expedition, participated in "August" Nanchang Uprising, the second revolution of the war and the Long March, served as the commander of the Red Army, the Red Army school principals, (L $ djτ.cōm) Red Army cadres regiment during the Japanese War, he served as the Eighth Route Army Brigadier and Taiyue Military District Commander of 129 Division Column commander in the war of liberation, he served as Corps Commander, Southwest Military duties of deputy commander of the Yunnan Military Region commander and Yunnan Province, Chairman of the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, he served as the deputy commander of the Chinese People's Volunteers. After returning home, he served successively as the People's Liberation Army Deputy Chief of Staff and Deputy Defense Minister of the People's Republic of China. Chen Geng is an outstanding commander, in the long war years shows remarkable military genius, he was awarded the rank of general in 1955, a eighty-one Medal, an independent Medal of Freedom and Liberation Medal. < br> Chen Geng, a gallop battle Reggie, also a beloved wife Aiko good husband, a good father the war years, he and his wife lived a life of "Legend of Love" he was very much miss his wife and children in the distance, each Upon receipt of a letter from the wife, he treasured, ecstatic liberation, he often going out, so he and his wife agreed to a one letter or a half months, one letter. Geng and abide by the "Agreement" never let his wife down before his wife is very silly, but once he has "refused" to meet with his wife. during a break in the summer of 1948, the armed forces, the the rear staying at cadres and family members want to send to the troops to visit relatives. due troops will have big action, decided that the families of all the cadres shall not come to the team was the commander of the exceptions, (lssjt.cn) Chen Geng resolutely not to engage in special, he just sent the wife is about to reach the troops mobilization back < br> in the eyes of the children? v in the history of this?? com] Chen Geng is a kind but strict father he was busy, but often take the time to check the children's learning, understand their performance he requires children to study hard, physical exercise, for all five of his concern is "your work and learning not to strive for?", "You are not in all respects very strict exercise and strict demands on themselves "for the birth of new China in
Chen Geng highlighted the danger, wounded several times after the liberation he is not the hero itself, unrelenting attitude towards work. because he considers himself fortunate to survive, if not cheer , "some fatigue, then I am so sorry martyrs who in his deteriorating health, lay in bed, he was still summed up his combat experience, think about the idea of ​​the future of the Great Patriotic War. < ; br> 1961 16 Chengengtaijiang died of illness [L $ djτ.cōm]
1961 death of Chen Geng general

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