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Marcy 7.1989-The State Council issued the martial law in Lhasa

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(Baba 30 years of the first month), March 7, 1989, the State Council issued the martial law in Lhasa.

1989, Chinese Premier Li Peng issued a command of the imposition of martial law in Lhasa: continue creating a disturbance in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, in view of the small number of splittists seriously jeopardize social stability, in order to maintain public order and safeguard citizens' personal and property safety, the protection of public property is inviolable, according to the provisions of section 16 of section 89 of the Constitution, the State Council decided that the imposition of martial law in Lhasa since 0:00 am on March 8, 1989, organized by the People's Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region implementation, and to take concrete martial law measures according to actual needs.
It is reported that since February 13, 1989, the separatist elements in Lhasa manufacturing procession restraint, the authorities have been taken to discourage and education, maintenance of the social order, to avoid a head-on collision . The most serious of which two days March 5-6.
3 is Sunday, the the eight ethnic characteristics Gallery street is very lively. Incense smoke before the Jokhang Temple, hand the Mani rotation constant flow of people through the pilgrims. a little after
12, Jokhang Temple Square, the crowd suddenly a commotion, I saw more than a dozen monks, nuns and young people shouting the slogan of "Tibetan independence", a staffing holding side flag "Independent & rdquo ; "Snow Lion" paper flags held illegal procession. Next, the team suddenly increased to more than 500 people. The majority of these people wearing masks, some lamas and nuns, dressed in civilian clothes, menacing, shouting shouting. The street suddenly chaos, traders fled to shut the shop, shops swift closed, some pedestrians hurriedly left.
eight Gallery Street police station door and policing service station in front of the rioters threw stones to the public security personnel, two public security police leg was wounded on the spot. The siege of public security personnel rioters together more stones from the roof of the Jokhang Temple and flew to a nearby police station. Public security personnel in order to maintain law and order in the eight-Gallery Street cast a few tear gas, the siege and the crowd temporarily disperse. But the rioters repeatedly encouraged the masses to eight the Gallery Street police station and policing service station impact, the yak rope slinger stones. Prominent street lamps, glass of traditional Tibetan buildings around the square are mostly destroyed, usually people rest, walking the Jokhang Temple Square ruins. 3:00 pm
rioters re-mustered team, Pat Gallery Street, Beijing East Road, Jiri three processions. The reporter saw these rioters Scream slogan, fight, smashing, looting, burning, and there have been more than 20 units, the hotel, the hotel's doors and windows smashed. In the bright northern section of the rioters dragged halal the Yimin restaurant and adjacent hotel beds, chairs, bicycles, luggage and other service facilities street burned. At that time, the street filled with smoke, fire leapt. Beijing East Road, rioters gathered more than 500 people, smashed a primary with stones, glass doors and windows of the hospital and near the self-employed. About 300 people wearing masks, took off the the Chengguan District authorities door of the organs brand smashed. At the same time, Beijing East Road, a mob assault ambulance staff and robbery of an ambulance, then standing in front waving a "snow lion flag". Reporter saw the rioters threatened inclusion in the crowd of onlookers masses with them downtown. In 5:00 pm
, the direction of Beijing East Road, the grain shop fire ignited by a mob raging wind to help the fire soon spread to the residents of nearby houses and shops. Chengguan District of Lhasa, 37 members of the fire brigade rushed to the scene struggling extinguishing. But more than 300 rioters at the junction with trash roadblocks to prevent fire extinguishing. They also shot to the firefighters from nearby residents upstairs, hit a rock, the spot has 10 players injured, including two seriously injured. (Lssjt.cn)
in the riot, the rioters first public use of firearms, shooting to the public security officers and armed police in Beijing East Road, near the upstairs. Three armed police gunshot wounds, including a bullet through the heart and sacrifice. According to the relevant departments to provide the use of firearms by the rioters, some from abroad, were smuggled. The (lsjt.org)
the March riots. This day more than 10:00 minutes, around the Jokhang Temple Square, before the out-patient department of the Hospital of Tibetan Medicine, impulse Xeikon, Beijing East Road, Beijing Road, T-junction and other places, dressed in Tibetan clothing, wearing a new Tibetan cap and wear regular size. head the Department of IOUs with the mob, three 50 gang see pedestrians on booing, abusive, chased. The thugs grabbed pedestrian riding a bike to burn some pedestrian was severely beaten. The mob at the T-junction, a pedestrian ears torn fought on the ground and kicked. about In 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the mob gathered into one or two hundred people a gang in Beijing East Road and Beijing Road, as well 朵森格路拉 saw-playing, smashing, looting, burning more than 20 shops were burned house. Quarters of the autonomous regions returned Tibetans reception office and Lhasa Urban Construction Bureau office building frontage windows smashed by a mob with stones. Chengguan District Administration for Industry and Commerce of the door and some houses were burned.
Therefore, the State Council only take martial law measures to protect citizens' personal and property safety, the protection of public property is inviolable. The (history cn)
martial law in Lhasa released in the May 1, 1990.

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