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February 22.1403-French king Charles VII was born

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(癸未 two days of February), February 22, 1403, King Charles VII of France was born.

French king Charles VII was born
Charlie VII
, Charles VII (winner) also known as: the dedication of the Charlie (1403 -1461 years, July 22, 2011) French Valois dynasty King (1422 -1461 year reign). His last win the Hundred Years' War, the French laid the foundation for the prosperity of the next centuries.
Charles VII madman son of Charles VI. (TodayinHistory.cn) signed the Treaty of Troyes in 1420 deprived him of his right to the throne, transferred to King Henry V of England. When his father, the king, Charles VI died, King Henry VI (Henry V's son), the British declared the king of France. Charles VII in the the Armagnac faction of support, the actual control of the area south of the Loire, the French northern completely avoid reducing under British rule. Joan of Arc in Orleans battle to achieve a decisive victory
1429, Charles VII saw hope. On July 17, 1429 in support of Joan of Arc, Charles VII in Reims Cathedral ancient Land crowned King of France crowned. However, in the Arc was England's ally Burgundians capture, once Charles VII was greatly stipendiary Joan of Arc did not contribute to rescue her, (Lssdjt.com) resulting in Joan of Arc was burned to death in 1431.
1435, reconciliation the the Charles VII Burgundy Leader, Duke of Burgundy Philip III (the good guys), the opportunity to regain Paris. In 1436, Charles VII entered Paris.
1438 Charles VII in Bruges to enact national affairs edict to obey the royal family in the French church some extent. Promulgated in 1439 to establish a standing army Orleans Act. In 1440, Charles VII to quell the rebellion of the nobility.
Charles VII in 1453 to the end of the Hundred Years War, regained addition to Calais Britain France territory.
Review: winning the historic Hundred Years War, for the development and prosperity of France plays an important role

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