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Marcy 16.1915-Shanghai launched a boycott of Japanese goods movement

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(YiMao February day), March 16, 1915, Shanghai launched a boycott of Japanese goods. In In 1915, the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce persuade domestics will ", elected Yu contact the Secretary of State, the Board is less strict, Zhengting as deputy president. 18, gentry, business and academic communities co-sponsored, Zhang Yuan held the opposition to "21" and the requirements of the National Assembly, to the will of nearly 4 million people. Assembly through the promotion of domestic products, the establishment of the citizens' donations and items resolution. 22, Shanghai boycott of Japanese goods noise rising, Fuzhou Road, Nanjing Road, etc. Japanese shops are all behind closed doors, to suspend business. The catch Housing grounds of "fear of the people all the trouble-makers" to deploy additional exploration catching separately are searching for "the purpose of repression". At the same time, on the of Chengxiang streets throughout the inside and outside wall, and pole stakes are affixed with a boycott of Japanese goods leaflets.

Shanghai launched a boycott of Japanese goods movement
Shanghai launched a boycott of Japanese goods movement
Shanghai, China's patriotic action, the response Business people across the country, end of the month, all over the country merchants refused to sell Japanese goods, everyone domestics. The number of school rules, stationery all with domestics. Some big city newspaper, published every day "the domestics survey recorded", encouraging people to use domestic products. Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and other places, there has been the theme of anti-Japanese patriotic plays and songs. The students took to the streets, distributing leaflets, speeches, and agitation.

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