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February 25.1990-Mrs. Chamorro was elected Nicaragua first woman president

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February 25, 1990 February day) (Gengwu years, Mrs. Chamorro was elected of Nicaragua first woman president. February

1990, 25, 2009, the Nicaraguan general election was announced, the incumbent president, candidate of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (the l $ j¦Ó.c¨½) ruling Ortega failed candidate of the National Opposition Union Ole Tower - Mrs. Chamorro won, was elected President of Nicaragua, to become the country with the history of Central America's first woman president. (L $ j¦Ó.c¨½)
Mrs. Chamorro was born in October 1929 in a wealthy family of farmers in Costa Rica the southern town of Rivas. Her since childhood, had no political ambitions, just when a secretary. In 1948, her father died, she the Academic unfinished returned hometown. Later, she met the son of the Chamorro family - Pedro - Joaquin Chamorro and marry him. His fate and opportunities pushed her on the stage of the political struggle.
Chamorro family famous families in Nicaragua, but also the traditional "political family". Nicaragua independent after the first president and later the president in this family. This family became opposition to the Somoza dictatorship. The Chamorro use "Business News" as his issue positions, to carry out the struggle against Suomo Luo dictatorship. To this end, he repeatedly jail and fled abroad; January 1978, Mr. Chamorro were killed, Mrs. Chamorro continue to participate in the struggle against Suomo Luo dictatorship. In July,
1979 the Sandinista National Liberation Front overthrew the dictatorship Suomo Luo as long as 40 years. Mrs. Chamorro became a member of the committee of five persons in the revolutionary government. However, nine months later, she resigned from the positions in the revolutionary government of Nicaragua, the Sandinista government failed to realize the promise of democracy to Nicaragua brought her own words. Since then, Mrs. Chamorro became the Sandinista government opposition. mild
Chamorro doing things she does not belong to any faction in the coalition of 14 opposition, which she has transcended party status it easier for voters to support. Although she broke his kneecap in an accident, but she still insisted on participating in the presidential campaign. Lady
Chamorro campaign slogan is "peace and reconciliation" to stop civil strife and revive the economy. She advocated the privatization of the economy, and to ensure that farmers have to share the land ownership of the land. She advocated diplomatic efforts to improve relations with the United States, to continue "with the world, including Cuba, the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries to maintain relations. In
2 25, Mrs. Chamorro scheduled from Oort's hands took the scepter, was sworn in as president. The six-year term. Suffered a long-term war of Nicaragua the political contradictions extremely sharp, the Chamorro in overcoming obstacles one after another after boarded the presidential throne. Mrs. Chamorro took office facing three major issues: first, to restore economic problems; Second, the dissolution of the anti-armed problem; solidarity between the third, with the ruling party.

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