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Marcy 15.0446-Northern Wei Emperor suppression of Buddhism

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March 15 446 years (BingXu two days of February), Northern Wei emperor suppression of Buddhism.

Northern Wei Emperor suppression of Buddhism
Northern Wei Dynasty unified the north, to consolidate its position in the Central Plains, to universal for soldiers. Then due the Salmonella has always exempt from tax, corvee, Reiz martial arts too Wudi too extended for four years (d 1038) issued an edict, all under 50 Salmonella always return to secular life to military service. He also listen to the prime minister Cui Hao calumny remonstrate, Fearless Road converted Kou Qian's rejection of Buddhism, and gradually developed into the suppression of Buddhism action. born in
Cui Hao famous aristocratic family, Expo classics, history, good yin and yang and the occult science, Li Shi Road, Wudi, Ming Yuandi, too Wudi DDD, rose to the rank of Stuart, often involved in the military and political confidential deeply too Emperor Wu of the trust; acquainted Kou Qian of and believe in Taoism, under its spell. Kou Qian's early years on the enthusiasm for the mystical practice of Late Han Zhang Ling, Zhang Heng, Zhang Lu founded the Five Pecks of Rice Road heritage, with the alchemist into the Huashan the Songshan School Road practice prides itself had Taishanglaojun grant of the place of his Fearless Cloud alto chant new Division of the Commandments "twenty volumes. The Ming Emperor Yuan Dynasty, Kou Qianzhi from Songshan into Pingcheng World Cui Hao Cui Hao, often through the night to listen to talk about the history of the ancient order and disorder, whom Admiration. Later, Kou Qian of Confucianism and Buddhism by the law dealt with fasting ritual absorbed into Taoism to reinvent the Five Pecks of Rice Road, the Northern Wei Dynasty emperors easy to accept. Road book
too Emperor Wu of the early years of the beginning of the light, Kou Qian's offer, but then the ruling and opposition parties believer few Cui Hao So a letter to remonstrate too Wudi, too Wudi thus profess Taoism, and sent Feng Yu Bo livestock to sacrifice Songshan. Too Wudi established in pyongsong southeast Fearless dojo, claiming Taiping Zhenjun and pro by character? Construction of static round Temple to enshrined Pacific zhenjun, change Taoists reign as the Pacific zhenjun, become a full. waste
too Wudi Buddha action began suppress Salmonella Taiping Zhenjun five years (444 years), he ordered on self-kings, down to the common people, to prohibit private cultivation of Salmonella and the deadline to hand over private anonymous Salmonella, if conceal, Zhumie the full door. The following year (445 years), Lu barbarian to cover the Wu in apricot City Huangling uprising, are all the more than ten million people. Seven, too Wudi personally shuaibing to put down weapons arrive Chang'an, found in a monastery, suspected salmonella cover Wu conspires evaded ordered Heaven's full monks congregation. Cui Hao took the opportunity Quandi suppression of Buddhism, so too Emperor Wu further implementation of the harsh cruelty waste Buddha policy: Salmonella killing Chang, burned to the world all by like. All of a sudden, the whole country, jittery. (North Wei Taiping Zhenjun second day of February, 2007), March 15
446, Weida Wu emperor ordered: "the world first kill all Salmonella ruined Buddhas like. Future outspoken the Buddha all Manmenchaozhan! "
Prince Tuoba Akira supervise the country Bingzheng always believe in Buddhism, over and over again on the table, too Wudi discourage, are not adopted, but also because of this, the waste of the edict of the Buddha to be slow declared, leaving near and far Salmonella hearing the escape and hide Stock statues theory resembles a secret hidden; However, the the Wei territory of the monastery the ziggurat but no one survived, known to history as too difficult martial law. Shortly after waste Buddha, Kou Qian's dead, Cui Hao later because of essays, "Wei History" book contempt Hu family who were cut, their tribe Bei Zhu hundred people. Six years after the waste Buddha, too Wudi died, Emperor Wencheng throne, even ordered the revival of Buddhism, Buddhism was gradually resume development.

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