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Marcy 12.1910-Japan's 68th Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira was born

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(Gengxu two days of February), March 12, 1910, the 68th Japanese Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira was born. in Meiji 43 (1910),

Japan's 68th Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira was born
Masayoshi Ohira Masayoshi Ohira born on March 12 Sunrise in Japan Xiangshan County ordinary farm since childhood, studious, love of reading, and to make this habits to maintain life. in the youth,
Masayoshi Ohira preferences Oriental classical, love to read, "I", "Historical Records" and "Eighteen Brief History writings deeply influenced by the Taoist philosophy. I have a simple dialectic thinking, that the contradiction between the two sides only to be able to set up in each other conditions, they are but two aspects of the same problem. "I" this gave this statement: "Road Road; Way; names, can be named, the very name. No, the beginning of the name of heaven and earth;, the name of all things female. Guchang, trying to watch his wonderful; often, trying to watch their mere luck. Both with a different name, with that of the mysterious. Occult, all the wonderful door. "In addition to the" I ", the Yuan Dynasty Yanghao book" for the government three books "(the book was originally called" Three things Advice "by Angang is Benedict translated as" for the government three books) also Masayoshi Ohira play a far-reaching impact. The Ohira boyhood on this book put it down, I still hi the the "Temples advice". The "Temples advice 10 This is the" Slim "- practice your mind and body," Yin "- enabled sage;" heavy people "- rely heavily on the people;" long and short term - think about the future, "scheduling" - adjust harmony; any resentment - fear or resentment; "sub slander - to bear libel;" strain "- and adapt to changes; offered Ne - faithful words; "retirement" - to grow old homespun. The Masayoshi Ohira practice its entire political career advice. Ohira in politics early on "tolerance and patience" famous in the Cabinet, in his later years, especially any resentment, sub slander "introspection. He understand the lower-ranking officers to ponder long and short term. Oriental political philosophy, such as the core Moraliztion become his life's pursuit.
in Ohira political career, the impact of Taoist philosophy is reflected in his policy vision so keen to grasp the "two centers", while Moraliztion is more affected he's dealing with others, to make a good political image in an invincible position in the complex factional fighting.

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