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Marcy 9.1932-The Puyi heavy Gordon Manchukuo throne

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(Renshen February third), March 9, 1932, Puyi heavy board "Manchukuo throne.

The Puyi heavy Gordon Manchukuo throne
The Puyi heavy Gordon Manchukuo throne
"Manchukuo" in 1932, in Japan to establish a puppet regime in the Northeast - the puppet "Manchukuo" was established in Changchun flag-raising ceremony
, Puyi administration, Zheng Xiaoxu as "Prime Minister". The same day, Puyi inauguration. The reign "Datong" "New Beijing, change Changchun. The next day, the list of appointed officials of the puppet government Puyi proposed based on the Japanese side. 1934, Puyi sent the "Manchukuo" changed to "Manchurian Empire" ruling "was renamed the" Emperor "replaced by" common ground "to Kant. (Lssdjt.cn)
Puyi (seated) in the office "Manchukuo" ruling ceremony ceremony. Left to the commander of the Japanese Kwantung Army, Honjo complex, right to the Prime Minister Zheng Xiaoxu

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