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Marcy 8.1935-Movie star Ruan Lingyu committed suicide

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March 8, 1935 (February seeing in the fourth day), actress Ruan Lingyu committed suicide. lying on the flowers

Movie star Ruan Lingyu committed suicide
Movie star Ruan Lingyu committed suicide
Movie star Ruan Lingyu committed suicide
Movie star Ruan Lingyu committed suicide
Movie star Ruan Lingyu committed suicide
Ruan Lingyu committed suicide "target =" _blank "> Center Stage
1935, the famous movie star Ruan Lingyu society and public opinion unbearable insult and persecution , took poison and committed suicide in the news, from all walks of life shocked
Ruan Lingyu life experienced a short period of 25 years, and she worked as an actor has less than 10 years, she has created many different walks of life, different fate, the image of women of different personalities.
woman who is China's earliest wear a bra? Center Stage is one of the earliest Chinese women wearing "the prosthesis on the screen, she wear a prosthesis. gown showing near-perfect body curves to women to stunning. prosthesis slowly popularity in Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities.
debut "nominal couples She vividly shaped the image of the feudal forces the weight of the weak woman could not lift their heads; lust Po Kam, the ancient capital of Repose "," Peach Girl mind "," Jade River "," Goddess "and other films , she shaped the image of playing and squeezing prostitutes the suffered the gentry Kuoshao, rogue bully; She shaped the image of the brave girls to break the traditional thinking of the old marriage to fight for the freedom of marriage, "weeds Xian Hua; "New Women" and "three modern women, she shaped the image of the knowledge of women.
1933, of Ruan Lingyu her husband, Zhang Damin agreement divorce after cohabitation and Tea Tang Jishan.
; "City Night" Lianhua company produced in 1933 left Ruan Lingyu
1935 after the release of the spring, "New Women" Center Stage starring characters popular public opinion criticized private life was also "exposure" and this When Zhang Damin denied the divorce agreement has to appeal to the court, the court then scheduled for March 9 Communications Center Stage
Nguyen deep pressure and committed suicide, leaving the last words: "Renyankewei." funeral procession along the way of silence sent the Spirit of up to 10 million people. colleagues in ceremony for Center Stage venue
Lianhua Film Company
attached: Ruan Lingyu the suicide note
I die does not tell me injustice, I now dead, can always, if he wishes, though thou hast not kill Boren, Boren you died, Zhang Damin, I see how you all share this opinion, you can always can no longer Wuhai Tang Jishan, because you have killed ah! I now a dead, people must have thought I was afraid of punishment, in fact I awesome What's wrong? For Zhang Damin because I did not as a place to live on his other tentatively or not, he took me and his Pro out of cohabitation time, but also a month to give him $ 100, this saying is not empty, the credentials and receipt However, his good deed goes unpunished injustice to newspaper De more unknown to the outside world, I thought he could not. ! What is another way to think of this? want of thought, only to commit suicide strike that I! I died mention the pity, but still be afraid Renyankewei, Renyankewei nothing
Ruan Ling Wang must document round March 7 late afternoon
Yonggang silence in front of the Center Stage remains

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