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February 28.1971-CPC Central Committee to set up a "May 7" cadre school

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(, Xinhai February fourth day), February 28, 1971, the CPC Central Committee set up a "May 7" cadre school.

1971 2 28, the CPC Central Committee approved and transmitted the central authorities May 7 "cadre school meeting of the leading group" continue to run the central authorities, "May 7" cadre school report. This "report" is written on January 26, February 13, when the discussion of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee made some additions and changes. The report said the past two years, the central authorities have founded 106 "May" cadre school, there are nearly 90,000 cadres, 10,000 workers and service personnel, 5,000 young intellectuals, 30,000 family members, a total of 13.5 million people to the cadre school learning and labor. "Three revolutionary practice, the majority of cadres and re-learn, class struggle, struggle between two lines and continue the revolutionary consciousness deepened Chairman Mao's proletarian feelings. The "report" also said, "May" cadre school is a "new thing", from the day it was born, there are two routes, the two ideological struggle. Report on the development direction of the cadre school, tasks as well as some specific work advice. The central hope around the reference implementation.

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