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Marcy 15.0221-Liu Bei said Shuhan emperor

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On the fifth day of February (1901) March 15, 221 years, Liu Bei said the emperor of Shu Han. Eastern Han Dynasty Emperor Ling of Han Dynasty

Liu Bei said Shuhan emperor
, Liu Bei revolted crusade against the Yellow Turban army active boarded the late Han Dynasty political arena Highlighting may only Zhuge Liang adjuvant. In Han Jian 10 years (208 years) and Sun Quan Zhou Yu, etc. victory over Cao Cao in Red Cliff and subsequently get Jingzhou Gogun later to win Yizhou. (L $ djτ.cōm) to win after Hanzhong repel Cao Cao, Liu Bei Jian twenty-four years (AD 219) July crowned himself Hanzhong Wang. the first two days of the year (221)
Wei Huang Cao Pi in October the previous year forcing Hanxiandi Abdication emperor Shuzhong Also rumors Hanxiandi to have been killed, Liu Bei then in the south of Chengdu Wu Tam emperor (AD 221 On March 15, BP has been in 1791), reign Zhangwu. The following year cutting Soochow defeat, losses, returned Baidicheng. [Τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm]
Zhangwu three years (223 years) of illness Bengshi, age sixty-three, posthumous No. Zhao Liedi. Called after Liu Bei for the first main.

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