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Marcy 7.0664-Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang's death

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664 years March 7 (JiaZi, February fifth day), the Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang's death.

Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang's death
Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang's death
Xuanzang (602 to 664 in February, the fifth day), name Chen?, Luozhou Gou's (Henan Yanshi slip country gucheng). the name of the
Sanskrit transliteration: the Maha-Siena of divas (Latin alphabet written: Mahāyānadeva) [history today www.lssdjt.com] the words Chinese Tang: the Mahayana day
Mahā Maha (big) yāna Siena ( multiply) deva divas (days)
, the Bank said Tripitaka Master, commonly known as the monk. Tang monk, Buddhist scholar, traveler, Kumarajiva, the true meaning and called three translators of Chinese Buddhism, one of the founders of Insight Sect. The surname Chen, name? Luozhou Gou's (now Henan Yanshi Gou's town). I visited a Buddhist teacher monk divergent due to the flu factions doctrine rare conclusive, he resolved to Tianzhu learning Buddhism. Tang Zhenguan three years (AD 629 years, said zhen reign) westbound from Liangzhou out yumenguan the after difficult arrived in Tianzhu. Early in Nalanda quit Yin by the school. Tour learn Tenjiku around then, and argumentation with local scholars, reputed five Zhu. After 17 years Zhenguan 19 years (AD 645) returned to Chang'an. e the organization Transwhiz, total translated by On seventy-five, where one thousand three hundred and thirty five volumes. Translation of Buddhist scriptures, multi-use literal translation, careful and precise brushwork, rich in the ancient culture of the motherland and save the precious ancient Indian Buddhist classics, the Bank said the new translation. Has compiled "into WEBWATCH 'argument that the" I "(the subject)," Law but the realization of the "knowledge", are non-real existence, only to get rid of the "ego" law enforcement ", to achieve Buddhahood" realm. Relegated to another "Buddhist Records Research India, (lssjt.cn), Nepal, (lssjt.cn) Pakistan, (lssjt.cn) Bangladesh and Central Asia in ancient history and geography of important information. Chronicles folk widespread story as $ WU Chang-ling "Zang Buddhist sutras," Dynasty, Ming Wu Cheng-en, "Journey to the West" fiction, by its deeds derivative.

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