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Marcy 13.1084-Southern Song's outstanding female writer Qingzhao birth

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(On February JiaZi the fifth day), March 13, 1084, the Southern Song Dynasty's outstanding female writer Qingzhao born.

Southern Song's outstanding female writer Qingzhao birth
Qingzhao (1084 to 1155 May 12 days), the Song Dynasty poetess, No. easy Anju Shi, Jinan Zhangqiu (this is Shandong) people. She was born Shenzong the Genpo seven early February 5, 1998 (March 13, 1084 AD) and died Gojong Shaoxing (May 12, 1155 AD), the tenth day of April, twenty-five years. She was born in a literary family. Early afternoon. His father Lee Gefei very rich collection of books, she was a child in a good family environment to lay a literary foundation. After they were married, and her husband ZhaoMingCheng working together to stone paintings collected jointly engaged in academic research. Like-minded, happy life. After Kinbyo into the Central Plains, according, living on the South, died ZhaoMingCheng, Qingzhao born "target =" _blank "> Qingzhao the Amelioration of the Condition of the lonely. Lived through the surface bustling (on www.TodayOnHistory.com) in peril, the Northern Song Dynasty and endless turmoil, (TodayinHistory.cn) he sacrifice Jiangzuo Southern Song Dynasty (lssjt.cn)
Qingzhao ancient Chinese rare talented woman, she specializes in books, paintings, proficient in epigraphy, especially fine poems she word for the unmatched one o'clock, the ancient, known as "the word home bulk her word early and late pre-write their leisurely life, many poems love life, natural scenery, beautiful rhyme." Yi Jianmei · red lotus incense residue the jade bamboo mat autumn. late more than lament the life experience, nostalgic Recalling Past mood of sadness. "Sheng Sheng Man seeking and searching. venerated her personality like her work, she both women's Shuxian, Gengjian the eyebrows of fortitude; both ordinary people cynical emotion, but also with a lofty patriotism She is not only a remarkable talent, vast knowledge and lofty ideals, heroic aspirations. has made many achievements in the field of literature to people in the same generation, her poetry, prose and word theory can high standard a unique Thatcher and her life force most frequently, the highest achievements of the greatest impact is the creation of the word and her word for art reached a the consummate state, is unique in the word altar own unique artistic style - YiAn of she did not pursue the puzzle Korea algae decorated, refined but expressive "unusual language degree eight temperament, keen feelings things around with a line drawing approach to performance, portrays the delicate, subtle psychological activities, to express a variety of feelings experience distinctive shape, vivid artistic images in her words as sincere feelings and perfect form in perfect harmony, seamless She will "language is the best of the Italian endless, Italy While the situation countless" the graceful style development to peak graceful to send the word "sovereign" status so won, become graceful represented one of the characters., her word for pen the force placed horizontally, uninhibited style of narration into a muddy, they make her unique in the Song Dynasty altar of Xin Qi-ji, Lu You, as well as future generations ci have a greater impact her outstanding artistic achievements won highly praised by later scholars. descendants believe her words "not believers overlooking Heroine straight to overwhelm eyebrows", she was referred to as "the greatest of the Song Dynasty, a poetess, but also the history of Chinese literature's greatest one poetess."
Qingzhao easy Anju Shi anthology "," Yian word "and other works , but long-does not pass. extant poems of the descendants of the Series, "Shu Yu word" Volume 1, "the varied ecological set" 5. "Sheng Sheng Man" masterpiece, "Yi Jianmei," Like a Dream " "Summer quatrains," Zuihua Yin, Wuling Spring ". graceful to send the four banner of one, four flags in No. the" boudoir language "

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