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Marcy 22.1692-Kangxi issued a Royal Decree, permit Catholic missionary in China free

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March 22, 1692, the fifth day of February (Renshen years), the Kangxi published Royal Decree, to permit the Catholic Church in China, freedom to preach.

Kangxi issued a Royal Decree, permit Catholic missionary in China free
in the history of the Catholic Church in China, Kangxi is a close ties with the Catholic emperor, the Western missionaries White Jin who he wrote a biography - "Emperor Kangxi pass.
Kangxi period, the Catholic Church has been a great development. Kangxi's support of Catholic thing "Schall calendar prison vindicated. February 1661, the night of the death of Emperor Shunzhi, as young as 7-year-old Prince Aisingiorro Xuan Ye throne, namely Qing Patriarch Emperor Kangxi. Junji was greatly respected missionary Schall, appointed him to the Astronomical "for monitoring positive", presided over the revised calendar. Junji died the conservative Colonial Secretary Oboi support, Yang Guang first letter Can He Schall, Junji mother Queen Mother Xiao Zhuang protection, Schall and other priests were pardoned, but Oboi still Yang Guang first instead of the Schall The Astronomical monitoring positive positions around the missionary career setbacks. In 1668, the 14-year-old the Emperor Kangxi Powerbut Chikamasa. As the calendar of Schall Western, Empress Dowager Liang Gong repeatedly to him praise and soup persecuted purely framed by the people, Kangxi decided to personally identify the matter Schall vindicated. Kangxi ordered to get rid of the duties of the Yang Guang first appointed Verbiest monitoring positive for Astronomical and ordered to be expelled from all over the 25 missionaries to Guangzhou to return the Church to preach. Kangxi This will enable the Catholic missionary in distress to recovery and has been developed. allow to preach
Kangxi main reason is due to the contribution to Western missionaries in the science of the Qing Dynasty. Schall, Verbiest astronomical calendar revised contribution from not saying much. San Francisco Rebellion, when Ferdinand Verbiest as Qing court hundreds of statues cast gun insurgency feats. Bouvet, Lei Xiaosi presided over by the Survey and Mapping completed a map of the country - "Huang Yu thumbnails. (History com) in China and Russia entered into Nerchinsk Treaty, Zhang Cheng, Pereira priest had brokered mediation, active in the Qing court. Kangxi in the 20-30 years of age, once eager to Western learning. His life Verbiest, Min Dominican Pereira palace turns lecturing. Later, Zhang Cheng, a French Jesuit missionary, Bouvet appointed the Imperial Shijiang, Kangxi personally with them to learn geometry, measurement, anatomy and medical and laboratory set up in the palace, chemical and pharmaceutical research. The Kangxi very respect for the missionaries, Verbiest and duration of the illness, he repeatedly sent people to inquire and faction physician advice to. After the death of Ferdinand Verbiest, Kangxi bestowed the posthumous title of "Diligence", and imperial inscription, and blessed Verbiest credit repair calendar and cast gun two. According to legend, Emperor Kangxi had a letter to the pope, proposed to the Pope's niece married, in order to strengthen the relationship between China and Europe. Although the marriage of a minor fact, Kangxi letters originally still remain in the archives of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Due to the contribution of missionaries to the spread of Western, Kangxi issuing magistrate on March 22, 1692, to allow the Catholic Church in China, freedom to preach, Decrees: Catholic doctrine broadly consistent with Chinese Confucianism. The Chinese government not only allow people believe in Lamaism, Buddhism, Islam and other various foreign religion, from ban the grounds of the Christian faith.
legitimate missionary church in China is carried out smoothly, within the church but the Chinese Rites, this debate has lasted for nearly a hundred years, finally led the Kangxi conflict with the Holy See, and become part of the excommunication the main reason. Kangxi initially wanted to find a compromise solution, had sent envoys to explain to the Holy See, and the rituals of ancestral worship holes but a respectful etiquette does not have religious significance. Vatican to support the factions against Chinese etiquette, the implementation of the too rigid ban, Kangxi think that the dignity of the heavenly the Western clerics insult, the the inherent ideological foundation of the Chinese nation to be a serious challenge to Catholic doctrine, he had to revisit the matter of excommunication. Kangxi in the Holy See on the ban about instructions: To receive this treaty can only speak Westerners and other villain, how words of Dali in China. Condition Westerners no one pass Han said words set theory, it is to weep. Now see to minister treaty actually and the Shang Daoshi heresy small to teach the same. He Rebellion speaker, is none other than that. After having to Westerners in China row teach prohibition may be also, so many things.
Since then, without a court Indian votes missionaries were expelled, church, the Waqf be deprived of. The Jesuit missionary action in the provinces under surveillance, the development of the work of followers thwarted, Chinese people do not dare as free and out of the church in thrall God. Kangxi died, (TodayinHistory.cn) Yongzheng ascended the throne, excommunication still strictly command to start up to over a hundred years, teach forbidden. the
Schall (Johann Adam Schall von Bell (history www.TodayOnHistory.com) 1591 - 1666)
Ming and Qing German Jesuit missionary, word tract is not. Apocalypse 2002 (1622) in China, studying Chinese in Beijing. After Xi'an missionary. Settled in Beijing in the Chongzhen three (1630), each with Luoya assisted the Ming court together to modify calendar regimen "Chongzhen almanac". The Shunzhi Beginning Astronomical supervisor positive. Kangxi years (1664) was to impeach jail soon released to disease and death. Skilled in astronomy, mechanics, with "armillary sphere", Western measure Calendar, measured days about to say, "Western calendar new book," Bishop of origin ". Ferdinand Verbiest (P. Ferdinand Verbist ,1623-1688)
Belgians in
of Jesus will be sent to the capital to help Schall repair calendar, Schall died after he held the post of the Astronomical his contribution to the manufacture of many astronomical instruments, as well as the writings on astronomy.

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