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Marcy 5.1824-Britain to declare war on Burma, the first British Burma war began

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March 5, 1824 (Jiashen February fifth day), the British declaration of war to Myanmar, the first Anglo-Burma war began.

Myanmar is the largest country on the Indochina Peninsula, located between China and India, the ties linking South and Southeast Asia, strategic position is very important. Back in the early 16th century, leaves to the 1670s, Burma has become the goal of competing in the European colonizers.
18 by mid-century, after the British control over India that coveted Myanmar, in 1823, the Myanmar King Meng took office to the time near the Governor-General of India, Lord Amherst requirements in exchange for the whole territory of East Bengal to control Chittagong Amherst but was refused. British colonists after the opportunity to continue to stir up trouble in Arakan, Manipur, Ka Qiaer and Assam, deteriorating border situation, its manufacture a pretext to launch a war of aggression. Occurred after a series of armed conflicts, Amherst Myanmar to send troops Kaqia Er, offensive controversial Neff estuary brush Pu Li Island British defenders threat to the safety of British India as a pretext, on February 24, 1824 declaration of war, the first war broke British Burma to Myanmar. (TodayinHistory.cn)
In 1824, war, first in Assam started, the British troops was Burma Army stubborn resistance, was captured in January 1825 after paying a heavy price, the Assam capital city. In March 1825, captured the capital of Arakan, then control of the whole territory of Arakan. In February 1826, the British army has run, the occupation of Bagan, which was close to the capital of Myanmar, the Myanmar government reconcilable Taliban again gained the upper hand, lost the confidence to resist being forced to accept the conditions for negotiations proposed by the British, on February 24 with the British colonists signed summation. The end of the first Anglo-Burma war. inequality Yang Dabo treaty,
British mandatory Burma British Tsusho, war reparations £ 1,000,000, the number of people killed by the British side in the war of 15,000 people, war spending up to 13 million pounds, the British in India once fell into economic crisis. Amherst, Governor-General of India, insurance be replaced. The war brought great suffering to the people of all ethnic groups in Myanmar. Since then, the independent Burma became a semi-feudal society.

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