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Marcy 19.1858-Qing Dynasty reformists leaders Kang Youwei's birthday

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On the fifth day of February (Wu Wu), March 19, 1858, the birthday of the Qing Dynasty reformists leader Kang Youwei.

Qing Dynasty reformists leaders Kang Youwei's birthday
Kang Youwei, also known as progenitor bequeath word mansions, No. long prime (March 19, 1858 ~ 1927, March 31), Chinese statesman, thinker, educator, Foshan City, Guangdong Nanhai of Danzao Su village, called Kang Nanhai, or the South China Sea, Mr.. In 1888, Kang to Beijing to participate in Suncheon provincial examinations did not obtain. In September of that year, his letter to Emperor Guangxu pain Chen Zuguo peril critical the beaten path, requirements of the reform movement, "into law through the lower levels, be careful around three programmatic claims. In 1891, the Kang Youwei the birth "target =" _blank "> Kang Youwei returned to Guangdong, organize million wooden thatched cottage Science Museum, poly believers to give lectures, and the Reform Movement creation theory. He believed in the Confucian doctrine, and is committed to the transformation of Confucianism state religion can be adapted to modern society, and served as president of the hole church. His major works include "Yasuko articles", "new school Apocrypha test" (Chen Qianqiu the Liang Qichao assist codification), Chun Qui Dong "," Confucian examination system " "Japan changed political test," "Datong book", "European eleven countries Travels".

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