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Marcy 8.1927-Communists Chan Chan Yin sacrifice

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March 8, 1927, the fifth day of February (Dingmao years), the Communists Chan Chan Yin sacrifice.

Communists Chan Chan Yin sacrifice
85 years ago, Wuhan held a memorial service of a few hundred thousand people (on TodayOnHistory.com) mourn a communists - Chan Chan Yin sacrifice "target =" _blank "> chan Yin the death chan
Yin, when he was chairman of the Ganzhou Federation of Trade Unions. March 6, 1927, he was killed for refusing to perform the command of Chiang Kai-shek dissolution of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ganzhou, the moment, 18 bomb him, died on the spot, the annual only 31 years old. the been killed
communists Chan Chan Yin prelude like (data plan)
murder of Chan Chan Yin Chiang Kai-shek's massacre of Communists, it has also become the "Four 12 "Massacre of the earliest signal of military history experts, the National Defense University Major General Xu Yan, delivered on March 6, 2011:
1927, Chiang Kai-shek personally ordered that his subordinates Newly first division of the Ni must shot Ganzhou Federation of Trade Unions chairman Communists chan the Yin.
Chen Chan Yin Chiang Kai-shek ordered the killing of the first Communist (TodayinHistory.cn) on March 6, the day has also become the bloody suppression of the Communist Party of the Kuomintang authorities earliest signal for more than a month after the occurrence of the all-pervasive repression and massacre of the Communist Party of the 4.12 Incident.
headed by Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang new type of military force to break with the Communist Party is not by chance, is the inevitable result of the social contradictions in China at that time. 1924-1927 First Cooperation of Northern Expedition began in 1926, quickly went to the rupture of the fuse is booming movement of workers and peasants, the KMT has been the existence of anti-Communist forces, the predecessor of the KMT is the United League, the internal many representatives of the feudal comprador and landlord forces, the leadership of the Communist Party of the peasant movement, once developed, will certainly be the impact of these feudal and landlord and comprador interests, since 1925 the Kuomintang rightists public require the removal of the cross-party identity between the KMT and the CPC party members Chiang Kai-shek was belonging to the allocation of secondary school places, he needs the assistance of the Soviet Union and Communist China Northern Expedition, there would be no open rupture, but he secretly gnashing of teeth of the Communist Party of the development of the power of hate fall
1926 to the spring of 1927, the peasant movement flourished in the Yangtze River basin Many gentry fled to Shanghai, Wuhan and other places, tearful complaint farmers association, this time KMT middle, the majority of the upper and national assets representative has a close relationship with the rural gentry, and therefore mostly say that this is very bad. modern Chinese officers came from rural areas, they have a generous income to buy land in his hometown, the news reached the troops of the peasant movement, the majority of officers are aroused strong strong anti-communist sentiment, Jiangsu and Zhejiang consortium as well as national powers see this time northern warlords to die, and the hopes of their own interests with Chiang Kai-shek's emerging military power, the Crusader occupation of Hubei and Hunan and Jiangxi, Chiang Kai-shek felt a full-fledged, you ready to start with the Communist Party.
1927 sits Nanchang Crusade most commander Chiang Kai-shek command Ganzhou Federation of Trade Unions chairman Communists Chan Chan Yin obey the order to stabilize the rear for an excuse to cancel the trade unions, by Chen Tsan Yin refused, March 6 this day, the first division of the Chiang Kai-shek subsidiary of New Ni must Tsan Yin Chen handed the division headquarters, and ordered him to immediately cancel the trade union, Chen Tsan Yin answer impossible, Ni must immediately vicious shouting instructions from the command of the Commander-in-Chief would shoot you finish the sentence around people fired ten few shots, Chan Chan Yin spot sacrifice.
learned this tragedy, the KMT leftists and communists organization Nanchang workers strike in protest, Chiang Kai-shek destroyed the party headquarters in Nanchang and Jiujiang division KMT leftists and Communists to master on March 16, the workers' pickets to stop the mob murderers, Chiang Kai-shek sent guards to cover mob, March 26 from the Chiang Kai-shek by warships along the Yangtze River reached Crusade just occupied Shanghai, this place was chosen as the place to launch anti-communist coup. actually feel the CPC Central Committee very dangerous situation, but when the Communist Party of China belongs to a branch of the Comintern, the organization at this time of Stalin presided Comintern still stressed the need to make use of the right-wing do not break with Chiang Kai-shek before the completion of the Northern Expedition, which resulted in after following the tragedy of Jiangxi Shanghai and other more serious tragedy.

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