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Marcy 5.1892-Chinese modern educator Heqin birth

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March 5, 1892 (, Imjin February seventh day), Modern educator Heqin born.

Chinese modern educator Heqin birth
Heqin modern educator. Born March 5, 1892. Shangyu, Zhejiang the County Baiguan town people. Heqin died in Nanjing on December 30, 1982. He was 91 years old. Heqin make a living educational theory. Emphasis on scientific experiments, and advocates the development of China's children's education to suit national conditions, to meet the children's physical and mental development of the law; called for the establishment of children's education and teacher training system. Writing dozens of kindergartens, primary and secondary school textbooks and children's reading materials, design and promotion toys, teaching aids and naive group equipment. Kindergarten education, primary school teachers, "living education" and other publications of the sponsoring organizations in Early Childhood Education Research Association, the Children's Education Society and other groups editor and naive education Cong decadent "," childish Education Proceedings. Life is mainly engaged in a series of the seminal early childhood research and practice. In 1920, their first child was born from the first day of continuous observation and experiment, detailed text and photo records for up to 808 days. 14 years, published "child psychology", one of the earliest tracking method for child psychology monographs. Reading dead for thousands of years to teach the bad habits of the death of the book, asked the live reading, teach the requirements of living book, a great influence. His major works include family education, child psychology, kindergarten curriculum, "Early Childhood Education of the Road", "History of Education Introduction", "My life," co intelligence test method the Quiz Summary Series into Heqin education anthology, has published "Heqin Complete Works.

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