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Marcy 14.2008-Tibet Lhasa "3.14" vandalism incident

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March 14, 2008 (Lunar New Year in February, the seventh day), "3.14" vandalism incident occurred in Lhasa, Tibet. In In 2008, March 14 at noon, in Duo Senge Road Lhasa, lawless elements in the roadside shops, car throwing stones

Tibet Lhasa "3.14" vandalism incident
Tibet Lhasa "3.14" vandalism incident
Tibet Lhasa "3.14" vandalism incident
Tibet Lhasa "3.14" vandalism incident
Tibet Lhasa "3.14" vandalism incident
March 14, a group of criminals in the Tibet Autonomous Region The implementation of the main road of the capital, Lhasa urban vandalism burning, burning of passing vehicles, to go after crossing the masses, the impact of shopping malls, telecommunications outlets and government agencies, causing heavy losses to the local people's lives and property, the local social order has been severely destruction, 13 innocent people were burned to death or hacked to death, causing direct property losses of more than 300 million yuan.
This is a struggle against separatism and safeguard the reunification of the motherland and national unity. (L $ jτ.cń)
vandalism burning criminals means extremely cruel, heinous. Them carrying equipped stone, gasoline bottles, backpacks, handheld iron rods, wooden sticks, long knives, see things smashing, to see people who dislike hit while playing side laughing. People fleeing, stained with the blood in the door of the hospital emergency center, shivering students hiding in the school playground. Jiangsu East Lula Sa Bridge station, migrant workers Zhao Jimin just under the bus by a mob stabbed split liver. Public Feng Bixia cut off the ears. An innocent people were burned alive by the mob doused in petrol ...
this vandalism burning event together from inside and outside the "Tibet independence" separatist forces plotted and instigated the events seriously disrupting social order, concentrated reflection of the long-term with the Dalai clique sharp struggle, it has a deep political background and social background.
Dalai Group 1959 rebellion fled the country after the failure, not willing to lose their feudal privileges in old Tibet, the moment did not give up separatist and sabotage activities. 1960s they reorganized the armed rebel forces, Tibet border XiRao; planning the riots in Lhasa in the 1980s in a vain attempt to split Tibet from the motherland.
fact, separatist and anti-separatism, between light and darkness struggle never stopped.
more than half a century, the exile of the Dalai clique to seize every opportunity, through a variety of passing through the territory of splittists behest provoke internal contradictions in Tibet through a variety of means. under the Dalai clique, "Tibetan Youth Congress" main Xi Gesang Puncog
2003 July 3, 2010, an interview with reporters in Dharamsala, India, said: "The Dalai Lama has repeatedly claimed never to resort to violence, and as long as it is for our cause, we are willing to use any means, whether violent or non-violent. We plan for our members for a period of six months of guerrilla warfare training. "
January 4 this year, the five militant groups under the Dalai clique's" Tibetan Youth Congress "sent through the Internet, the" Tibetan People's Uprising Movement "clamor. Meanwhile, the Dalai clique organized and planned overseas Tibetans "advance Campaign for Tibet, its planners" Tibetan Youth Congress "declared:" shed blood and sacrifice their lives but also to restore the 'Tibet independence'! February 7, the Dalai Lama's "government-in-exile" pseudo-parliament speaker Karma Choephel claims to use the opportunity to host the 2008 Olympic Games, to carry out all activities, forcing the Chinese government in 2008, or the next two years to solve the 'Tibet issue'. "
If the above words and deeds is just the" verbal violence "Dalai clique" pacifist "veil finally in March 10 by their own actions tear.
this day, several "Tibetan separatist" elements broke into the ancient Greek Olympic sites, an attempt by the way of lighting the torch "protest to be held in Beijing Olympic Games was firmly disposal of the Greek police. The (TodayinHistory.cn)
Echoing this, "not seeking independence for Tibet lies by the Dalai clique laid bare.
3, 10, 50 minutes, more than 300 monks of Drepung scattered down the mountain, attempting to enter the urban create trouble. Two hours later, the Jokhang Temple Square suddenly now monks shouting "Tibet independence" reactionary slogans, and hit the "snow lion flag".
In fact, since March 10, the Dalai clique of separatist activities uninterrupted remote command and well-furnished. They passed the information by e-mail, distributing a CD-ROM to incite more people to participate troublemakers, these criminal activities to split the motherland and finally a major outbreak in March 14.
"3.14" vandalism incident occurred, the Dalai Lama's statement also confirms the violent face of the separatist forces. the
3 16, he accepted an interview with the BBC in Dharamsala, India, said the current situation in Tibet is complicated, "regardless of the Tibetans do what and when, I will respect their wishes, will not ask them to stop. "
" 3.14 "event organized, premeditated, lawless elements had put enormous effort in planning. Since March 10, they spread rumors in Lhasa, the grounds of ethnic and religious issues, demagogic, provoke contradictory. For a time, all kinds of rumors circulating in the city. (Today in History cn the)
March 14 in Lhasa, a right hand holding chains lawless in the burning of the Chinese national flag, the other criminals armed with long knives.
March 14 in Lhasa, disposal vandalism burning incident armed police used shields to ward off the lawbreakers throwing stones.
3 14 in Lhasa, a criminals armed with long knives to catch up with pedestrians. the
March 14 in Lhasa, lawless elements, armed with sticks, daggers ready to lay siege to a fall of man.

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