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Marcy 9.1957-Eisenhower signed "about the United States in the Near East policy resolution

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Day of the second month (Ding), March 9, 1957, Eisenhower signed the "about the resolution of the United States in the Near East policy.

1957 (history TodayOnHistory.com) U.S. President Eisenhower in Congress "on Middle East policy in a special message: Congress authorized the president to the implementation of the" military assistance and cooperation plans in the Middle East & rdquo ;, and an excuse to deal with the "communist aggression" the use of United States Armed Forces in the Middle East; additional appropriation of $ 400,000,000 in the two years to provide economic "aid" to countries in the Near East. This resolution on March 7 by the U.S. Congress. March 9, Eisenhower signed the resolution later became known as the Eisenhower Doctrine ".
At that time, a time when Britain and France invaded Egypt's defeat in the war, the United States is attempting to take advantage of this program, the side of the threat of force as a means to side as bait to economic assistance, under the guise of anti-communism as further marginalize the forces of Britain, France and other countries. to achieve its conspiracy to monopolize the Middle East. Later, the Eisenhower Doctrine also be used outside of the Middle East region. Eisenhower Doctrine was the opposition of the people of all countries in the Middle East. The government of the four countries of Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordan twice a statement, rejected the Eisenhower Doctrine. In 1959, with the death of Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, Eisenhower Doctrine eclipsed.
from 1953 to 1961, Eisenhower served two terms President of the United States. During his tenure, he signed the Korean Armistice Agreement, announced the introduction of the Eisenhower Doctrine, and also high-level talks held in the United States and the Soviet Union in the United States at Camp David with the Soviet Council of Ministers Chairman Khrushchev. The Camp David talks, creating a precedent of the Cold War era and the days after the US-Soviet summit.
Eisenhower is Rong Ma Bansheng distinguished itself in the President of the United States. Modern warfare requires knowledge and talent. To make all aspects of the role into full play, and not rub against each other, self-consumption, it is necessary to someone from coordination. May not be as specific campaign headquarters on Eisenhower Patton, Montgomery, but great to coordinating all aspects of relations. Firm, sedative and to treat people equally, he has won the trust and support. He is also good at discovering talent, Montgomery, Patton, Van Fleet, a large number of famous, he can use. The end of 1943, President Franklin Roosevelt nominated him for the Supreme Allied Commander, (lssjt.cn) ordered him to launch a European landing in Germany for the target. British Field Marshal Montgomery, his troops participated in the Normandy landings, by the Eisenhower command, but he was not the U.S. generals looked down. At a military conference on, he went so far as Eisenhower was furious. Eisenhower without a word, and so he put it after the handle on the knees of Montgomery, said in a low, firm voice: "calm, Monte! You can not talk that way to me, I am your superior. "Eisenhower successfully landed on the command of the Allied forces in Normandy, and open the way forward. He directed the final offensive against Germany, and accepted the surrender of Germany on a ceremony held in Reims.
Eisenhower was promoted to the rank of General of the Army in World War II exploits hehe.

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