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Marcy 22.1896-He Long's birthday

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March 22, 1896 (Bingshen February ninth day), He Long's birthday.

He Long, March 22, 1896, was born in Hunan the Sangzhi Hung towns, Helong gay youth to follow the Sun Yat-sen, to participate in the democratic revolution. In 1914, his hometown of Hunan Sangzhi participated in the Chinese Revolutionary Party led by Sun Yat-sen. Two kitchen knives revolution, led farmers to establish armed. Former the Sangzhi militia commander, regimental commander, brigade commander, division commander, commanders and other staff, and participated in of Taoyuan, law enforcement, and the battle against the northern warlords. In the struggle, he constantly explore the truth of salvaging the country. 1924 first KMT-CPC cooperation to achieve Comrade He Long came into contact with the Communists, to understand the ideas and beliefs of the Chinese Communist Party. In July 1926, Comrade He Long led the troops to join the National Revolutionary Army, and the Communists Zhou Yiqun remain in the armed forces to carry out political work; then led the troops to participate in the Northern Expedition captured the public security, Jingzhou, Shashi, Yichang; April 1927 independent XV Division led the Northern Expedition Henan surprise Carefree decisive Linying City defeated Fengtien. Fighting and repeated wins, a prominent military exploits, his troops expanded for the twenty-Army of the National Revolutionary Army, the Helong comrades was promoted commander. Revolution, Marshal He wronged and the death of the "target =" _blank "> the Helong Comrade the Northern Expedition famous virtuous (L $ djτ.cōm)
White Terror enveloped the country after the failure of the 1927 Revolution was not the Communist Party Members of Comrade He Long, a clear-cut stand of the Communist Party of China and the toiling masses aside. the Chinese Communist Front Committee, under the leadership of Comrade Zhou Enlai secretary, he decided led twenty-Army of the National Revolutionary Army to participate in the "August" Nanchang Uprising, and served as the commander of the rebel army, fired the first shot of the armed struggle against the reactionary rule of the Kuomintang, became one of the founders of our military. Nanchang Uprising Comrade He Long joined the Communist Party of China since then, for the liberation cause of the Chinese people and the great cause of communism, spared no efforts in dying has been struggling for the last breath of life. the L $ djτ.ЙЁT]
In early 1928, (history TodayOnHistory.com) Comrade He Long's request the CPC Central Committee sent him back to the West Hunan, leading the masses of workers and peasants, armed struggle from 1928 to 1934, he and Zhou Yiqun comrades, has set up a Fourth Red Army, the Red Army, Third Army, West Hunan Qiandong revolutionary base areas, as the Fourth Red Army commander, Red Army commander, Third Army commander, command teams repeatedly smash the Kuomintang army encirclement "in October 1934, He Long, Guan led by Comrade Third Army Comrade Ren Bishi, Xiao Ke, Wang Zhen led the Red Sixth Corps after in Qiandong rendezvous, the Third Army to restore the Red Army designation, (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) He Long was appointed Army chief after, (L $ under the command of Comrade He Long, Ren Bishi, djτ.cōm), Red, six Army launched the Xiangxi offensive, and then proceeded to smash a massive "encirclement and suppression" of the Kuomintang army more than 80 groups, the creation and development of Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan and Guizhou revolutionary base, clamp and annihilated a large number of KMT forces with the Central Red Army's Long March to November 1935, He Long, Ren Bishi comrades led the withdrawal of the Red, the Sixth Corps base areas of Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan and Guizhou start long march south central Hunan westward Wumeng, he moved to Yunnan, clever crossing the Jinsha River, deal with the enemy, victory northward Kang, joined forces with the Red Fourth Army. rendezvous l $ djτ.ōrɡ] the Helong Comrade any Red Army commander. (lsjt . net) he firmly supported the Party Central Committee headed by Comrade Mao Zedong, a clear-cut act of splitting the party and the Red Army to carry out a resolute struggle with Zhang Guo, maintaining the unity of the party, to promote the Red Army victory of the three main rendezvous in the Agrarian Revolutionary War , the Helong comrades involved in the creation of West Hubei, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan and Guizhou revolutionary base was one of the main base of the leadership of the Communist Party of China; he was involved in creating the Fourth Red Army, the Red Army and the Red Army, the Red Army's three main He is the creation and development of the Chinese Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army and the revolutionary base has achieved a great achievements.
Sino-Japanese War began, He Long comrades of the Eighth Route Army, 121 ○ division teachers he resolutely carry out the implementation of the CPC Central Committee and Comrade Mao Zedong's strategic thinking deep behind enemy lines, extensive guerrilla warfare, created Jinsui anti-Japanese base he led the troops to advance northwest Shanxi enter Suiyuan gallop Jizhong, fought in the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei, directing a series of famous battles, fighting, (Today in History . com) a heavy blow to the invading Japanese army in 1940, in the difficult years of the War of Resistance Against Japan entered a stalemate Comrade He Long led the troops to return to the northwest Shanxi, served as commander of the Northwest Shanxi Military Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia the Jinsui defense military commander and Jinsui Military District Commander rank and off to comrades with the leadership the Jinsui military and civilian adhere to the struggle against the enemy, to build a democratic regime, smash the enemy's repeated "mop-up" and "eroded"; organizational base military and civilian self-reliance hard work, overcome difficulties, so that the the Jinsui base to continuously consolidate and develop strategic hub join Northwest and North China, Shaanxi-Gansu strong barrier, made a great contribution to the defense and construction of the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region.
; war, Comrade He Long resolutely carry out the instructions of the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission to Jinsui Military Region, led by main force, Jin-Cha forces commanded by Comrade Rongzhen initiated Suiyuan Battle the offensive LIANGCHENG, Tao Lin, fighting Zhuo owned mountain, encirclement Guisui attack Baotou, the KMT army to invade the liberated areas with a heavy blow, to defend the fruits of victory in the war since 1947, Comrade He Long served as the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia the Jinsui defense Military Region Commander, the rank of commander of the Northwest District. According to the instructions of the Party Central Committee, he will be the main force three columns, all adjusted normalized Northwest Field, (lssdjt.cn) handed over the command of Comrade Peng, participate in Northwestern battlefield. himself rushing this sparsely populated northwest Shanxi in northern Shaanxi inaccessibility, lack of resources on the land, and serve to strengthen the rear building protect the Northwest liberation war logistical supply supply troops, has achieved a great achievements for the liberation of Northwest Xi'an after the liberation, Comrade Ho Lung concurrently Xi'an Military Committee Director, effective organized this Northwest metropolis to take over and resume the development of production work in October 1949, (l $ djτ.ōrɡ) Comrade He Long, according to the command of the Central Military Commission, the rate of the 18 Corps and other Department of Sichuan, in the North Region of F enemy more than 80,000 people, and later with the Liu and Deng annihilate Hu Tsung-nan, hundreds of thousands of troops in the Chengdu region with Deng Xiaoping, Liu Bocheng comrades successfully organized to march into Tibet, counterinsurgency against hegemony and the construction of the Southwest. for the liberation of the Southwest, the construction of the Southwest, has made outstanding contributions to the Former Southwest Military Region Commander, Vice Premier and the Director of the National Sports Commission, Vice-Chairman of the National Defense Commission, the CPC Central Committee.
in socialist revolution and construction, Comrade He Long Central Committee, the Central Military Commission Vice Chairman and Director of the Defense Industry Committee of the party and state leadership positions. in his 14 years as director of the National Sports Commission, effective organization and leadership of the broad mass sports to enhance the people's physique, Chinese people to get rid of the "sick man of Asia" hat has made a significant contribution to his efforts to set up a red and expert team of athletes, asking them to raise the level of sports, climbing the peak of world sports glory for the country, so new sports undertakings in China is thriving, with rapid development, among the ranks of the world sports power, and lay a solid foundation for our new sports undertakings in China deserved the pioneers and founders of Helong Comrade China's defense industry excellence one of the leaders, he served as director of the National Defense Industry Commission, adhere to the principle of self-reliance, worked hard to overcome the difficulties, the full development of China's defense industry, for the establishment of an independent and complete defense industrial system of atomic bombs, missiles and other sophisticated weapons successfully developed to accelerate the modernization of the army's weapons and equipment, made an indelible contribution he has consistently adhered to the party's absolute leadership over the armed forces attach importance to strengthening the forces organizations at all levels building and ideological and political work, emphasizing the good job forces comprehensive construction , forces research, and often go to help troops to solve practical problems. presided over during the day-to-day work of the Central Military Commission, together with Comrade Ye Jianying, Luo, pay close attention to education and training, improve the quality of the officers and men of the military and political, for the construction of our army more revolutionary, modernized and regularized significant contribution in the "Cultural Revolution", He Long comrades caught in the face of adversity, suffered framed tortured, but he always uphold the truth, morally resolute struggle against Lin Biao (lsjt.org) "Gang of Four" counterrevolutionary clique, performance the Communists unbending of noble character.

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