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January 19.1655-Chinese Qing Dynasty Ci writer was born

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(Jiawu the twelfth lunar month 12), January 19, 1655, the Chinese Qing Dynasty Ci writer born. the

Chinese Qing Dynasty Ci writer was born
Nalanxingde (1655-1685): Formerly known as Germany, the word content if No. the Lankavatara Hermit, Manchuria are yellow, the early Qing Dynasty, famous poet. Born January 19, 1655. Wu Yingdian University Shiming beads eldest son. The young intelligent extraordinary, Wenwuquancai,. Kangxi 15 years (1676) at the age of twelve the the successful candidates dimethyl seventh, thanks to Chin was born. Grant third-class guards, after the follow into the first class, the military attache positive Mishina.
Nalanxingde though life is short, but works quite good: twenty volumes of the the "Annals Church set (including endowed roll, poetry, four volumes, sequenced three volumes, text vols, Lu Shuiting Miscellaneous know "four volumes)," CiLin is a little "; 89 Series" Big Easy set Yi Cui words "," Chen Rites said correction "Thirty eight volumes; compile" early set in the near-term, "the famous quatrains notes "," Full Tang election "and other books. And these multi-the pommel horse squire I completed the brush strokes are amazing. The main achievement is that
Nalanxingde word. Its existing 349 words, the printing of "side cap", "drinking water" set, after more than Nalan style, fresh Juanxiu, stubborn Yan Aigan, a legacy of the Southern Tang emperor, Wang Guowei assessment: "Northern Song since one person only. "

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