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Marcy 5.1990-SUN Jing Xiu's death, the famous children's educator

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On February ninth day (Gengwu years), March 5, 1990, death of famous children's educator SUN Jing Xiu.

SUN Jing Xiu's death, the famous children's educator
1990, experts of children's stories, children's educator. In Beijing, died at the age of 89. December 31, SUN Jing repair the statue was completed in Beijing Children's Palace. repair October 12, 1901,
SUN Jing was born in Beijing, attended the May Fourth Movement in 1919, graduated from Beijing Normal quiet "in 1921, and began teaching career. He often telling stories to students in their spare time, exploration with storytelling method to educate children. Him for many years and the children are familiar with their language and psychological, and gradually form a popular spoken natural kind, love and hate, with the nationalization and popular storytelling style. He has published 19 books of the SUN Jing repair Grandpa's story ", a total of more than 200 million words. Has been awarded the title of the national and Beijing Children traveling workers nationwide "love child Medal of Honor in 1981.

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