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Marcy 8.1702-British King William III's death

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On the 10th day (Imo), March 8, 1702, death of William III, King of England. William III

British King William III's death
England "target =" _blank "> of the death of William III (English: William III, 1650 11 14 -1702 March 8), Scotland Wilhelm II, (l $ j¦Ó . c¨½) III of Prince William of Orange, a former Prince of Orange, the Dutch ruling (1673-1702 reign), King of England (reigned 1689-1702) William the Netherlands governing William II and King of England The son of Charles I's daughter Princess Mary, (Lssdjt.com) wife to William's rule by the Queen of England the Mary II.
, where, without the Consent of the Congress, the legal king authority to stop or stop law enforcement arrogation of power , the illegitimate powers; petition to the King, are subjects only Lee all of this petition of the convicted or accused (history. cn) are illegal - the "bill of rights"
you can imagine that at this moment I feel inside me till the end to beloved her, from her, you will understand the full significance of a good wife - William III remembrance of his late wife
history, body for the king, was able to contribute to the democratic constitutional not much [the l $ j¦Ó.c¨½] William III, is one of them, even though he was not out of willingly He was born in the the glorious Dutch Oranje family, for the Sun Yat-sen Orange yeah Prince's great-grandson, but his growth is not smooth. grew up in the eight days before he was born, his father died, and was brought up in the noise of the mother and grandmother, taciturn character, and suffering from tuberculosis and asthma his childhood Shihai The face lost ancestral dangerous as the Netherlands governing eligibility. then the situation is this: since 1648 between the Netherlands and Spain signed the Treaty of Munster ", after 80 years of war test the independence of the Netherlands finally gained international recognition. < br>
but united in the war Dutch, after independence, but there have been split to form Oranje family and their supporters, led by advocate maintaining a strong military centralization send to each local council business oligarchs as representatives of the local self-government faction. Wilhelm II, his father was therefore forced to send troops arrested six opposition lawmakers in 1650, only 24-year-old William II of the Netherlands govern children with smallpox sudden dye terrorist disease and died when he died, the local self-government faction elated, immediately convene the Parliamentary Assembly, announced that the Republic no longer set a unified army, the defense of the provinces responsible for five provinces at the same time announced the cancellation of the ruling post, the Netherlands entered first reign (1650 - 1672), when William III, eight days after the father's funeral belatedly born, he was faced with the grim face of Provincial Councils officials.
17th century, give full play to the role of the sea coachman gold century Dutch, but the Dutch maritime dominance according to the jealous and hate William III, 22 years old, in 1672, the Netherlands suffered two a powerful neighbor with the attack of the British, French, British action at sea, Louis fourteen dispatched 120,000 troops arrives from imminent danger, and the Dutch people thought of Oranje family predecessors heroic, so young William III was appointed commander for the Army and Navy, his excellent record to prove he deserves to be the descendants of the family of Oranje, of course, the war played very hard, keep Amsterdam, William III was forced to use a decision flooding outside the city the end of 1673, all French troops were driven out of Homeland (the l $ dj¦Ó.¨­r¨À) young William III prestige peaked protect the country and the title of the Hero "to their ability to become the Netherlands governing provinces recognized. William III, both to save the family of Orange, also saved Netherlands, to maintain the stability of the Dutch colonial empire at sea William III married the daughter of King James II, Mary his wife, this marriage did not seem happy. They did not leave any offspring, but William was still alive in Mary has been on her very cold, after the death of remembrance before starting her benefits were deeply grieved, but this marriage gave William than the Dutch sent a larger, stronger the country in 1688, the United Kingdom is facing a crisis, when King James II's national conditions and the expense of the Protestant home the majority of the population in an attempt to re-Catholicism as the state religion, and forcible suppression of opposition, the dissolution of parliament, already in the deserted edge of William III saw the opportunity to accept the invitation of the British Parliament, personally led Wan Yu Dajun landed in the UK, the British turned against him, so he easily took over the London, rushed to the Father of the Bride France William III together with his wife, Mary, was accepted as the King of England, but the Parliament passed the "bill of rights" must accept its main contents include: the king without the consent of Parliament can not be stopped any force of law, and can not levy taxes, shall not in peacetime recruitment or maintain standing army; subjects have the right to petition to the king, the king may not subjects indiscriminate use of excessive penalties; election of Members must be freedom of speech within Parliament to debate freedom, Parliament must often convened.
event the end of the growing pains caused by the revolution in the United Kingdom in terms of means that since the 1640 revolution, began the world's first long-term stability of the constitutional monarchy, This is the historian praised the "Glorious Revolution" Gee William III to become "King of England chief Netherlands ruling, Anglo-Dutch and Chinese only time in history been designated to the name of the same person in 1701, William accepted the the" the Siwei Act "passed by the British Parliament, in addition to the provisions of his sister-in-law Anne as heir, also stipulates that any future Catholic can not inherit the British throne, any King of England can not marry Roman Catholics. energy of the life of William III in the same European power characters - "the sun King Louis XIV to fight, ,1689-1697, "eight-year war in addition to the 1672's that is also a great scale, he made his name in the British-Dutch bilateral anti-French alliance the main force in 1701, before the end of his life, in order to prevent France and Spain combined, to become one of the Spanish throne war (1701-1713), who launched but he and the Earl of Marlborough, commander of the British forces was once in contradiction hence resulting in the British political turmoil later finally reached a settlement, the Earl of Marlborough later become the nemesis of Louis XIV in the War of the Spanish Succession. throne of William III and his wife, Mary II Share, Mary has been Kan behind the scenes, William is In fact, the only king, only William expedition, Mary was out ruled William III is a religious tolerance actually nothing to prejudice the Catholic and Protestant, this type of King in his era relatively easy both ways (history on TodayOnHistory.com) in age with his father, Wilhelm II, William III, had with his father, like the terrible disease - smallpox disease in children, but this time God have mercy on the Oranje family, William III miracle victory over the disease, only later his series of brilliant achievements. 1702 (on TodayOnHistory.com) William III died without issue, inherited the throne of England by Mary II's sister Anne, the Netherlands entered history, second reign (1702-1747), William III was included in the ranks of the world's most influential emperors mainly because of two things, first, he spent the Netherlands by Britain and France attack of hard times, maintain the independence and the prosperity of the sea coachman; Second, he accepted a "bill of rights", the British entered the stable constitutional monarchy, while the latter is more important to the history of the world of William III ranks 47th in the rankings the OpenCourseWare Review: William III can be described as democratic constitutional savior, first defended constitutional republic the Netherlands, the ravages of France against autocratic went on at the crucial moment to promote British "Glorious Revolution" (L $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m), but the life of William III is not shown from a personal point of view of democratic constitutional values ​​enthusiasm, in fact, he is a parliamentary democracy camp to fight stubborn Monarchy of enlightened monarch. (history TodayOnHistory.com)

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