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Marcy 19.1853-Battle of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Jiangning

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March 19, 1853 (on February Guichou tenth day), the Taiping the Jiangning Battle.

1853 (Qing Xianfeng years) in the Taiping movement Taiping army captured Jiangsu Jiangning (now Nanjing) combat.
January, the Taiping overcome Wuhansanzhen, short-term rest, Hong Xiuquan, Yang rate known as the 50 million people (more than 10 million troops), abandoned on February 9 Wuhan, along the East , the land and water in hand, headed towards the Jiangning. Qing court vain attempt to annihilate the Taiping in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River region, deployed its forces, forces were divided North and South East three attempts to prevent, and a series of three imperial envoys appointed to command a battle. Along the River Road East, imperial envoys, two rivers Governor Lu Jianying armies 5000 in Jiujiang area fortification. On the 15th, the Taiping water army striker in mice Edong Guangji County Xiajiang surface to defeat its JiangFang Army. The abandoned army fled to the Jiangning Lu Jianying Wen defeat defense force along the river have collapsibility. The Taiping army a long drive straight, 18% of Jiujiang, the 24th to break the city of Anqing, Anhui Province, killing the governor Jiang Wenqing, and seized a large number of military supplies. 26, 2009 to March 7, and even grams, (now guichi), Anhui Chizhou, Tongling, Wuhu, Pacific House of (Dangtu), and state (today and counties). 8 land brigade arrived at the the Jiangning southwest along the xishanqiao. 9, water army striker to the surface of the river the mooring Dashengguan sandals Gap area. 12th, amphibious brigade rushed to divide our forces occupied Pukou of Jiangning surrounded. the Jiangning Qing military flag when soldiers Green Camp
of more than 5,000 people, otherwise temporary raised Zhuang Yong 1 million people. Lu Jianying before the Taiping arrive, outside braves learned to withdraw into the city in an attempt to cling to. Qing court was informed Jiangning surrounded Jiling the imperial envoys Xiangrong, Qi Shan rate two routes Qing hardships Fuyuan. The Taiping north of Miriam damper is selected as a breakthrough, the the hole ground siege Act, laying gunpowder under the door. System scaling ladders hundreds, points to attack each door, confused by the Qing. 19 dawn the walls of near Zhata instrument damper 2 Zhang Yu, hundreds of officers and men rushed into the city, and then divide our forces for two, one to the Drum Tower, an follow the the Jinchuan door, Shence door into Yin Street, directed at a small camp, kill Lu Jianying Huang Jia Tang. Manchurian bandits from the ferocious counterattack after being force battle victorious, and was forced to withdraw. At this point, to defensive Nancheng the Qing Wen northern part of the city has been broken, the Governor was killed, and no war and collapse. Taiping army of thousands of people, led by Lin Fengxiang, Lai Hanying, catch the overnight edge ladder Dengcheng open Jubao Gate (Zhonghua Gate), water Simon, Han Simon. Dawn the next day, the Taiping Brigade invaded the city, straight to the southeast of the city the bandits from poly keep everybody in town (the inner city of the Ming Dynasty). Jiangning General Xiang thick and Fudu Tong Holon Wu rate criminals and full of people desperate recalcitrant, Taiping army fought bravely, and eventually the city break, beheaded Cheung thick, wipe out the defenders, Jiangning full City Suiwei to the Taiping occupation. 29, 2009, King Hong Xiuquan into the city, Jiangning to Tianjing, as the capital of confrontation in order to establish the Qing Dynasty the Taiping peasant revolutionary regime.

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