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Marcy 16.2000-Western Development Office of the State Council formally established

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(Gengchen February 11), March 16, 2000, the Western Development Office of the State Council formally established.

People's Daily reported on March 16, 2000, the central authorities decided that the development of the western region of the State Council Leading Group Office was formally established in recent days and began to work. director of the Western Region Development Office Director the
State Development Planning Commission Zeng stressed to accelerate the large-scale development of the western region, in accordance with the requirements of the development of the socialist market economy, give full play to the role of the market mechanism, and strengthen the government's macro-control. Western development is not a short-term task, requires efforts of several generations, must therefore all aspects of the development of the west enthusiasm guide, protect, and play well.
in accordance with the overall arrangements of the central and western development office will focus on four major events this year: the overall planning of the development of the western region basically completed by the end of this year; study and formulate policies and measures to promote the development of the western region, focusing on research to develop science and technology education, attract talent policy; accelerate infrastructure construction the ten projects newly started construction in the West, to speed up the five basic conditions, preparatory work for the leading role of the infrastructure project on the development of the western region, arrange 31 billion yuan investment for 78 under construction medium-sized projects; continued implementation of natural forest protection project, do a good job returning farmland to forest and grassland pilot.

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