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Marcy 4.0581-Emperor Wen Yang Jian replace the Northern Zhou Jidi Wei

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March 4, 581 (February 14, 1901), Emperor Wen Yang Jian replace the Northern Zhou Jidi Wei.

Emperor Wen Yang Jian replace the Northern Zhou Jidi Wei
Emperor Wen (AD 541 June Guichou Gregorian July 21 -604), Yang Jian, Han, Xianbei surname Pu the six Ru, small print Narayana. (有身d芋y身里h貝 $ 而身ry.c身m) Sui founding emperor, his father, Yang Zhong military nobility of Western Wei and Northern Zhou Yu Wen Yong the official to Zhuguo generals, canonizing Suiguo Gong Yang Jian inherited parent MG. "Northern History, the Early 燠晊忭 in praise Emperor Wen ridden identify the amount of the Role of the United States beard, seven feet eight inches in length, the landscape ever Guiwei, martial arts preposterous; rate slightly. "A great statesman, a national hero. In 581 years, March 4 (Jiazi day February AD 581), the static Emperor of Northern Zhou Yang Jian Zhong Wang normalized even ordered announce shanrang. Yang Jian emperor ascended the throne, given the country for the big Sui, Gaiyuan the to Kaihuang announced amnesty. became the emperor after
Yang Jian, at the opening Wong 2007 (587 years) off the rear spar, a year later issued an edict cutting Chen. Kaihuang (589) 2009 off Nan Chen, unified China, the end of the nearly three hundred years since the Western Jin Dynasty split situation. (有身d芋y身里h貝 $ 而身ry.c身m) the same year, the Ryukyu Islands Guixiang Sui. The Emperor Wen end of China's long-term chaos, back to the years of peace. after establishing
Sui Dynasty, Emperor Wen careful governance, rapid powerful Sui Dynasty thrive. Not only did he complete the great cause of reunification of China, also make Suichao Cheng regime stable, social stability, account sharp long cultivated fields-speed growth, savings filling, cultural development, elite hoplite, Wei dynamic special customs strong country, known as "open King of the rule. " Carried out a series of reforms in the political, economic and other systems. Implementation of six provinces in the central, state, county, and county levels of the local system to the state, county two-tier system, local officials had thereby consolidate the centralization of power by the central appointment and removal,. Emperor Wen of good governance, the development of production, he was seen as the greatest emperors in Chinese history by foreigners.
Emperor Wen ordered the construction of Xijing Daxing City (ie, Chang'an City was modeled on the prototype) and the Tokyo Luoyang City, the Daxing City design and layout ideas, has a profound impact on future generations of urban construction and Japan, the North Korean city building. Emperor Wen in AD 584 life Yuwen Kai mobilize people open canal drainage. The arrogant Xingcheng Northwest cited Weishui slightly follow the Han Dynasty, Cao Drainage OXBOW while East to Tongguan Yellow, over 150 km long, name widely drainage. This is the beginning of the construction of the Grand Canal, Grand Canal connects the two civilizations. Gradually become one of the Yellow River basin, the Yangtze River Basin.
him in a long time, China's re-placed under a regime of governance, outside the Imperial powerful enemy Turks, Khitan, and within that the people peace of interest-earning exploits the greatness, even later Tang also never fully recovered from the Sui Dynasty land area. However, Imperial under too strict, many hero without the hospice; Emperor Wen of the reign of 24 years, 604 years, passed away at the large palace, aged 64 years, buried Tailing (today Shaanxi Province yangling (Ling) District 5 kilometers west of) .

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