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Marcy 8.1514-Japan's Warring States Period daimyo Nigerian born CHING long

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March 8, 1514 (Awake, February 12), born in Japan's Warring States Period daimyo Nepal CHING long.

Japan's Warring States Period daimyo Nigerian born CHING long
Nepal CHING long
Nepal CHING long (1514 -1561 on January 9, 2011), Japan's Warring States Period daimyo. the
Nepal CHING long Nepal CHING long for the Amago prolonged grandson, 1537 Amago prolonged Governor's bit of home to Nepal CHING long. After the CHING long of Nigeria will offensive Harima country to expand their territory, but due to the hostile within Elan home Amago be deterred, and powerful people gross profit dollars from anti resulting Amago home defeated. After his grandfather passed away in 1541, the CHING long of Nigeria is committed to the defection of people to retrieve and repulsed Ouchi Elan offensive. After Nepal CHING long committed to revert to the old layout to the cloud, Hoki, Mimasaka Oki-based start attacking the surrounding areas. Ouchi 1551 ELAN because the the Tao Ching Yin conspirators committed suicide in 1552 after the Shogunate closure Nepal CHING long as the guardian of the eight countries Chugoku.
1554 Nepal the CHING long to Shingu Party rebellion grounds, the waiting people killed uncle Amago State. Generally thought it was gross profit dollars on the discord among, but recent research has also pointed out that this is a Nigerian with CHING long, eliminate their own practices to strengthen internal rule. Amago home and recession. (History com)
1555 the Tao Ching Yin at Itsukushima defeat after the death the CHING long of Nigeria took the opportunity to attack the Iwami, seize the Iwami Silver Mine, but gross profit dollars into a tug of war; CHING long of Nigeria died in 1560 Yueshan Tomita City. Uncle of Nepal CHING long the Amago long Fortunately think the CHING long of Nigeria is a thoughtful not careful, blood gas more than a but righteousness lack people. (L $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m)

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