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Marcy 16.1859-The Russian physicist Popov's birthday

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March 16, 1859 (February 12), Kang Xi, the Russian physicist Popov's birthday. March

1859 16, the death of Alexander Sita Pa Norwich Popov "target =" _blank "> Popov (1859 to 1906) was born in the Urals. (L $ djτ. cōm)
1977 entered the St. Petersburg University study, taught in the Russian Navy torpedo school after graduation. since he recognized the importance of electromagnetic waves, committed to seeking distance reception of electromagnetic waves in 1895 he invented huge spark the formation of lightning electromagnetic waves emitted by radio receiving device. 1898 he, together with the Russian Navy to achieve the communication between the ships and the coast of the distance of over 10 kilometers. following year increased to about 50 km.
While it is acknowledged Popov's experiments, but does not recognize that he invented radio communications the people provided according to the transmission of wireless telegraphy experiments Marconi (Italian physicist) than his earlier, however, in Russia, people will he regarded as radio inventor January 13, 1906, Popov died.

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