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Marcy 14.1897-Painter Pan Tianshou's birthday

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March 14, 1897 (February 12), Ding, painter Pan Tianshou birthday. The death of

Painter Pan Tianshou's birthday
Painter Pan Tianshou's birthday
Painter Pan Tianshou's birthday
Painter Pan Tianshou's birthday
Painter Pan Tianshou's birthday
Pan Tianshou "target =" _blank "> Pan Tianshou in Chongqing Pan Creek State Arts Rector In 1897, Pan Tianshou born in Zhejiang the Ningjiang County crown Village and Mr. Pan Tianshou Modern literati painting, the main painting birds and flowers, painting landscapes Modern Flowers and Birds home a lot, from the the Ming Xu ivy, Badashanren Changshuo to modern, Qi Baishi, Pan Tianshou, a few hundred years out so several painters Why so high? Late Qing Shanghai smash hit any Bonian, and now over a period of time not been put strictly speaking, any Bonian is a writer, he is to sell paintings for a living, his drawing ability, skill very way, but according to the requirements of the literati paintings speak, he was short of a length. Changshuo actually over 50 years old with Ren Bonian study painting, but his pen to paper over any Bonian his technique is not necessarily the year than any primary good, and literati painting and the painting is not the same writer. painted bird and flower painting 500 years in the Ming and Qing lot of people, but only a few people really into all of Qi Baishi, said: & ldquo ; ivy snow a far mortal, old the Fou Cuinian do talented; I want the original nine lackeys the three sects runner to. "Xu the ivy, Badashanren Changshuo behind Qi Baishi, Qi Baishi for Pan Tianshou So, as a scholar-painters requirements are very high, the first character, followed by arts and crafts. character accomplishment, articles, moral. general requirements literati painters article, poetry, calligraphy, painting, and India had to understand, had to can. (1 $ djτ.cōm) Changshuo so, Qi is the case, Pan Tianshou, as well, are all-powerful.
Pan Tianshou born very poor, 7 years old his father died, he was in the rural he did farm work, under Tian, ​​cars, water, chopped wood done at a local elementary school after graduation he was admitted to the Zhejiang Normal from the rural areas into the city into an intellectual. admitted to Zhejiang Normal contact with more people. Teachers are the most famous people called Shutong, came back from Japan, accomplishment comprehensive, their teachers after Pan worked in Shanghai Liu Haisu beauty professionals. (L $ djτ.cōm) Liu Hai Su was also two teens, they are young is the the PAN to Shanghaimeizhuan after school before the establishment of the Painting Department, the original school in painting. Pan Tianshou in Shanghai, the main requirements of division in Changshuo, he often used to teach free to Changshuo at, listen to his advice, he grew very hard, twenties began to write the history of Chinese painting and he loves to read, and good write something, well written poetry, and studying the history of painting. Pan Tianshou seldom quarrel, Nao Yixian few colleagues. Changshuo very highly of him. (Lssdjt.com) Pan Tianshou man is very clean, saving this until his later years he also rarely sell paintings, blindly engage in learning and painting, he art is very rigorous. heavy moral integrity of the Zhe School painters, whose works are generally rattling, hard-edged [TodayinHistory.cn Pan Tianshou ink intensity and connotations, he has a stamp, self-deprecating "tyrants blindly defended". works with some of the literati painting, he never game words, but very strict, because of his temperament, are very strict on what's going on, to write poetry, every word repeated scrutiny he sometimes a works painted for a long time, write consider many, this is consistent with his literary temperament and character. Later, he has been teaching Chinese painting art school in Hangzhou. After the outbreak of war, the Hangzhou National College of Art in exile to the Mainland, (1 $ djτ . cōm) Pan Tianshou done a few years exile principals, to continue in office after the war. (history. the cn)
Pan's works, whether small, album or substantial works are very strict and his theme: lotus, pine, stone, which together with the birds, eagles, starlings, sparrows, as well as cats, his main painting birds and flowers. composition, often referred to as making insurance and broken insurance such as a stone, try to expand into the surrounding some stones almost the edge of the painting, but he also broken with animals or water. handful of crossing a line, withstand scrutiny, its skill from calligraphy. he mainly wrote the official script sometimes write 篆书, Paintings very elegant, in painting as part of his patterned his running script written very chic, his line is mainly thanks to the calligraphy, the time of his writing than painting. After the liberation, his paintings look really different from the previous screen on seemed gloomy, cheerful painting before 1949. such as "Lotus flowers sunshine", "land so rich in beauty, and his emphasis on life, as he drew a lot of dragons marsh themes are the first to draw sketches, painting local wild flowers and weeds, past literati painting the images, he was very well organized the screen In short, his paintings, with their own theme, his pen and ink composition from all aspects of the art requirements and unique see characteristics. His large painting love the performance of Southern cattle Joji horses shop on the ground painting, with real cow, like big small brochure page painting was very rigorous, I especially like his album. almost did not see through his game pen and ink, he colors with less azurite, malachite green, bright but not kitsch, very particular about the use of color., very seriously from the early to the late, his paintings are not painters painting, literati painters painting, (l $ jτ.cń) so Pan Tianshou has its own characteristics, deserves to be called the a distinctive contemporary literati painting freehand Masters.
Pan Tianshou student demonstration fingers for ink painting Pan Tianshou and his wife in Hangzhou home painting Pan Tianshou couple with son Pantian Kai Pan Tianshou works

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