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January 26.1896-Chinese modern Chinese painter, art historian Qin Zhongwen born

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January 26th, 1896 (the twelfth lunar month 22) Yi Wei, the Chinese modern Chinese painter, art historian Qin Zhongwen born.

Chinese modern Chinese painter, art historian Qin Zhongwen born
Qin Zhongwen (1896-1974), the famous landscape painter. Formerly known as Qin Yurong, No. Zhongwen, taken after Qin Yu as his pen name. The Zunhua people. Into the Peking University in 1915 to study, participate in the the Cai Yuanpei sponsored Beida painting will be in 1918, studied painting from He performed the Chen Shizeng, soup determined. After specializing in landscape, participate in the Jincheng sponsored Chinese Painting Research Society, be copying the Ancient, and laid a solid traditional foundation. Thirty or forty years in the Peking University School of Art, Jinghua, National College of Arts in teaching of History of the study. In 1934, the "Chinese Painting History of. In 1949 he was appointed the Beijing Painting painter and Fellows. Qin Zhongwen was also a critic of art history, in addition to the 1930s of Chinese painting history, has published a large number of reviews of contemporary painters article.

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