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Marcy 16.1916-Modern literary genre Dada was born in France

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The (hare on February 13), March 16, 1916, modern literary genre Dada was born in France.

Modern literary genre Dada was born in France
Modern literary genre Dada was born in France
Modern literary genre Dada was born in France
Dada is between 1916-1921 years in Europe (mainly France), a modernist literary genre. The aim is to oppose all the meaningful things, against all the traditional and conventional, opposed to literature and art, and even Dadaism was born in France "target =" _blank "> Dadaism. Believe in" destroy everything "a famous" I even do not want to know that I had someone else. leading advocate of the French poet Tristan Tzara. [l $ djτ.ōrɡ]
1916, (l $ jτ tavern in Zurich, Switzerland, Voltaire, the cń) Tzara and several young French poet established a literary group, they casually opened a dictionary at random one pointing in a word "Dada in the (Dada in the early childhood language , defined as "horse", "Dada" Department of transliteration). they named after their group and advocate of the literary movement. the "Voltaire pub booklet was published in June, March 1917 Dada Gallery opening of the first issue of "People" magazine edited by Tzara in July, followed by the first batch of "Dada" works, poet of Bresson, Aragon, Su Pozen joined the movement, and the founder of the literary magazine in Paris, "literary" chala end of 1919 came to Paris to become the mouthpiece of the Dada, Dada representative works Aragon "perpetual motion" the the, Soupault "wind" and Bresson Proceedings traces.
in 1921, (L $ djτ.cōm) Paris university students carrying the symbol of Dadaism paper, and push it into the Seine. " drowned, and foreshadowed the demise of Dada, published in Bresson and Soupault first surrealist works the "magnetic withdrawal", Episode "literary magazine published simultaneously proclaimed the birth of surrealism Dada from Surrealism replaced

famous painter Marcel Duchamp (International Dadaism leaders) and nude Female Te Yifu Bebi the scene

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