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Marcy 12.1930-Gandhi launched the "salt march", the second non-cooperation movement began

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March 12, 1930 (February 13) Gengwu, Gandhi launched the "salt march", the second non-cooperation movement began. the

Gandhi launched the "salt march", the second non-cooperation movement began
Gandhi launched the "salt march", the second non-cooperation movement began
Gandhi and his followers to the Dundee Waterfront marching
1930, the Indian nationalist movement leader Mahatma Gandhi launched the "salt march" to begin the second non-cooperation movement . (Lsjt.org)
March 12, Gandhi led more than 70 admirers march to the seaside Dundee along the publicity, called upon the people to destroy the British colonial government's salt monopoly law. He and his companions as usual one hour a day spinning yarn. When their team after villagers tide to join their team, to reach as many as thousands of people when they to Dadan land Waterfront when the expedition team. People everywhere have to seawater salt, this destruction the salt monopoly law fanaticism swept through the whole of India, the salt such contraband public sale also in various villages and towns. April 9 Gandhi for the civil disobedience movement specified range: homemade salt hotel, opium dens and calico shop surveillance own textile cotton yarn, cotton cloth, student strikes, civil servants quit public.
in this campaign, the British colonial government and capitalists suffered a great blow to the British Governor Owen to seek a compromise, "Gandhi Owen Agreement signed on March 5, 1931, after repeated consultations with Gandhi, the colonial government recognizing State party as legitimate, the Congress will be the end of the non-cooperation movement and send representatives to participate in it had to resist the Anglo-Indian London Roundtable. December 1931, the Congress Party the Karachi meeting by this Agreement. The end of the second non-cooperation movement.
Gandhi grabbed a handful of salt from the sea, this is a violation of the salt monopoly behavior

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