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Marcy 16.1965-The death of Chinese modern Chinese painter Hu Peiheng

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March 16, 1965 (, Otomi February 14), the the the Chinese modern Chinese painter Hu Peiheng passed away. the

The death of Chinese modern Chinese painter Hu Peiheng
of Hu Peiheng
Hupei Heng (1892.6-1965.3.16), spectral Name the tin Chuen, aka Heng word Pei Heng, No. cold Um, nickname confused Ketu, the lines Mongols, Hebei Province zhuoxian origin, because grandparents do grain merchants, moved to Beijing. Peking Normal the private North China University, Peking Normal University, Peking arts full-time faculty has hosted the Chinese landscape painting Correspondence Society, founded in Beijing Liulichang the Leopard Man Lent painting shop. To successive Chinese Painting Research and lake community

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